Jace Face Friday

A little JFF and Life Update

Oh hey, blog! Remember me? The author of this here memory bank? I’m still here. Just surviving life, one day at a time. A lot has changed over the last few months. Aside from marriage crap and a lot of self help books, we’ve moved back to good ‘ol Arizona. And what better way to document than a $1 find from the Goodwill mixed with a little Jace Face Friday. Even if life doesn’t seem to feel all that hunky dory right now, I’ll be damned if I abandon this online outlet for myself, to remember and document the days and months and years that fly before my eyes. Life is only happening faster and even when I try to slow down for a few moments, it speeds right up again. For example, Jace has already lost 2 teeth! I’m not going to gross the world out with a photo of the bloody hole but I will show his crooked, scarecrow of a smile. This was when one tooth was still hanging on. And I refused to pull it out because, duh. Barf! I don’t do blood or loose teeth. But one night Walker threw a toddler sized plastic LEGO at Jace’s face and it hit his loose tooth and boom. Tooth flung out! I mean, what are brothers for if not to knock out loose teeth? Ha! But Jace has 2 new grown up teeth on the middle bottom and the tooth fairy has come twice now! BTW, average cost for a first tooth is $4.96 (thanks to Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine!). Wow, we’re losing teeth. So it begins! And for me, I need to promise myself to find a few minutes to keep my blog alive, even if just for myself.

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