Tonight. Was one for the books. I haven’t posted in a very long time. Things have been off with life you could say. Long story. All I can say is I needed a day like today. Desperately. From the minute I woke up, my spirit was peaceful. The boys were calm and cuddly, obeying and happy. All the daycare drop offs went great. Fairly productive work day. I was asked to lunch by a couple gals I work with. I received some inspiring texts from my mother in law. My new organic skin care samples came in the mail. I took my youngest in for his 1-year wellness check (we survived 3 shots). The gardener came by. Callen ate some strawberries from our planter boxes on the patio. The sky was blue. The sun warm. The radio stations in my van were playing all the right tunes. I squeezed in a trip to Trader Joe’s for all our favorites. Jace and Callen were so well behaved, Jace even found the shark and got a sucker. Walker squeezed me extra hard when I picked him up. He’d crafted a robin bird at Katie’s today. We got home and I started unloading the groceries. And then stopped and looked at the scene in my kitchen. And time stood still. Walker was sitting on top of the kitchen table playing with Jace’s dragons. Jace was playing with his finger skateboards on the ground. Callen was close by, pulling everything I was putting in the fridge out of the fridge. And everyone was happy, like being home was the most comfortable thing. And in that moment my heart soared at how precious this time in my life is. How beautiful these boys are and how blessed I am. We had dinner and did bath, had ice cream cones for dessert and obsessed over Jace’s first loose tooth. No one was fighting over toys or crying. Somehow I did something right today. Whatever it was. Maybe it was the good night sleep that night before or the peace I felt waking up that day.  Crazy how your mindset sets the stage for how your day is going to go .. well anyway, just wanted to document these thoughts so I never forget this warm, tight feeling in my chest.

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