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Instead of listing out an obnoxious amount of links and things that brought me joy the week past, I thought I’d simplify by keying in on 4 things that TRULY brought me joy the week before. It’s obvious that a million things bring me joy every day, every week, but I need to narrow it down – to really reflect on the most joy-inspired, little things, or big things, from every day life, mostly captured on my phone. So, this Sunday morning as I sip on my pumpkin spice coffee, I’ll share what brought me joy last week:

The birthday treat Diane made for me at work – teddy bears in bikinis on the beach cupcakes!  The girls I work with made my day so special. I’m so blessed.

The smell of Fall in my house.

A surprise lunch with Rob. 

The decanter I found at an antique shop in Soquel as a congratulations gift for sweet hubby.  I’m so proud of him.

What brought you joy last week? :)

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