What brings me joy

I’m finally returning to those silly posts about what brings me joy! Here’s what brought me joy last week:

Harper Happenings: Harper’s interpretation dance and song of ‘Call Me Maybe’ melts my heart happy!

Instagram. My fave to follow is Jessica Alba and Urban Grace Interiors.

Saw Adrien Brody at Pebble Beach last Sunday. It made my world.

Downton Abbey. In love.

Our new “cottage” mailbox.

Confetti nails. Might try for my birthday in a few weeks!

This post about giving birth that I’m definitely earmarking for the future. the littlest is so inspiring. 

Fun on Pandora is the best station. Go for it!

Tried a new recipe. However, not sure I’ll eat eggplant again.

Pretty much every day at work. Really liking the new job:)

Lucy’s new hair cut. She’s healthy again and getting her spunk back!

Spin class. The class in Capitola plays the best music to cycle to.

A thank you card from a dear friend.

Any time I see or hear the word Charcuterie. This menu {via bliss blog} and the board of cheeses and meats is as beautiful as ours at Robert Sinskey.

Kristin’s blog. I love “seeing” her every day even though we’re a state away from each other.

Everything on elephantine’s blog lately. And Une-deux senses‘. If you don’t follow these blogs, you should! ;)

Bob Ross Remixed.

Have a great week my friends! Thanks for stopping by:)

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