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Arizona Science Center + Pizzeria Bianco

thumb_IMG_6263_1024My friend Sarah invited Jace and I to the Arizona Science Center a couple weekends back. Yes, I’m 2 weeks backlogged in blogging! As soon as we got to the Science Center we spent a good amount of time at the first exhibit, pictured here with the balls and water slides and shoots. So much fun!! Jace was in ball heaven. From there, we went on to explore and build things… and throw balls in a nose that sneezed. We watched a cow’s eye be dissected  .. until it was too gross to watch any more. Jace climbed into a heart, slid down a stomach, heard his heart beat through his hand .. walked on a bridge of nobs, watched more balls float, ran in the hallways, played in the ocean sand and created a cloud.

thumb_IMG_6251_1024thumb_IMG_6252_1024thumb_IMG_6254_1024thumb_IMG_6256_1024I think the best exhibit BY FAR was the Immersion Theater in the Forces of Nature exhibit — you stand in the middle of the stage while mother nature takes over. You really feel like you’re in the middle of the storm, feeling the rain from the hurricane, the wind from the tornado, the ground shaking from the volcano erupting and more. It was awesome. Jace hugged up to his bestie James for protection, it was so cute. No tears just excitement! Who needs Mom when you’ve got a new bro to follow around?! Next time I want to go to the Grossology exhibit — look disgusting but so intriguing!

thumb_IMG_6266_1024 thumb_IMG_6269_1024 thumb_IMG_6270_1024The smile on this boy’s face – melts my heart. Love you James. thumb_IMG_6271_1024Afterwards  we washed hands and went to Pizzeria Bianco, right down the way, for some wood-fired pizza. I couldn’t have asked for a better pair to hang with this Saturday. Sarah and James know how to have fun. I can’t wait for our next outing together, where ever it might be. Love you Sarah! xoxoxoxo

thumb_IMG_6264_1024thumb_IMG_6267_1024And then Jace crashed hard on the couch when we got home. Best. day. ever. with my son.


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