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img_1882 A few weeks ago reached out to me about their new toy rental service. Not just any toy, but toys that promote problem solving and new learning skills, which I was really drawn to. Jace is sort of into “pretend” lately, but all the more toys to help him discover and strategize, the better! They asked me to try a toy and see how the process went for us. So here’s how it goes. You pick a toy, they mail it to you (all clean and santized), you “pley” for as long as you want and then return it when you’re done! No more toys to add to your stack of toys building up in the closet, no clutter .. you simply recycle! You can do it as many times as you want in a month’s span for the one price, or you can keep the toy for a month and change it out the next month. Plus, for every new sign-up, Pley donates a toy to a child in need. Pretty rad if you ask me.

img_1884 I decided to get Jace his first try at leggos with the Airplane set. Slightly larger legos for the toddler type, but still takes a lot of thought into what pieces create what. If you can’t tell from the picture above, Jace was pretty ecstatic to get his toy in the mail. Plus, I’d been talking about it all day once I saw that it had shipped. The only down side, it didn’t come with ALL the pieces, but most of them. And for being a product model based on renting and returning toys, who can guarantee all pieces will make it back in the bag!? I myself am trying to make sure I keep all the pieces together! But, Jace didn’t notice. He went straight to playing.

img_1885 img_1886 img_1887 img_1896 img_1897 img_1900 And even days later, this kid is still obsessed with his legos.  I’m a little worried about the day I have to return it but am going to keep the toy for another week or so and see if he loses some interest. And I think when a new toy arrives he won’t be confused anymore ;)

img_1925 img_1927Thank you for letting us try this out. We look forward to getting the 2nd toy and sharing your idea with our friends! It also would make for a GREAT gift idea, especially leading up to the holidays. I might just do that!

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