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Jace’s Birth Story

I contemplated whether or not I should share this, but knowing how much reading other blogger’s birth stories helped me prepare mentally for labor, I thought it only fair that I share mine in case it helps someone out there in the blogosphere. So, here goes {I’ll apologize now for grossing you out, and yes, it’s a novel}.

Two days after my due date, around 6:30 pm, we were making pizza and I felt something “drop”, down there. Went into the bathroom and on my panty was a little goop of gel {?} — I assumed it was my mucus plug, because right after I started leaking clear fluid — assuming my water “broke”!?

We called our birthing center and they suggested we come in to make sure my water had indeed broken. Still no contractions. We went in, and at 8:30pm they took a sample and determined that yes, my water had broke! My doctor wanted me to keep my appointment the next morning since baby boy had a healthy heart beat and I still wasn’t feeling any contractions.

We went back home, updated our families, and ate a late night snack. I slept all through the night. We woke up the next day and had breakfast and finished getting ready, just in case we were to go back right away.

At my 9:00am appt, my midwife said that the plan was to admit me {since it had essentially been 12 hours since my water had broken} and insert a cervidil to motivate labor. We swung by our place to walk the dogs and grab our bags.

{waiting room!}

10:04am {to be exact!}, we were admitted to the birthing center. We went through the admission process again. Blood taken, IV in. We had to wait a few hours before my Dr. showed up, so we ate lunch, updated family & friends, and started to get mentally prepared.

1:30pm – Dr. checks my cervix and I’m 2cm, still no contractions. Cervidil is inserted. Horrible experience; I cried. You could say I wasn’t expecting two ladies on my bed, jamming something up me.  I lie on my side to let the cervidil kick in. We put on a movie to calm me down {Austenland}.


3:00 – 4:30pm – contractions begin to gradually kick-in. They feel like mild period cramps. We keep hanging out. I go to the bathroom a couple times — things were definitely clearing out, if you know what I mean, including the cervadil.

5:00pm – the nurse puts in another cervidil. It wasn’t so bad the 2nd time {I knew what to expect!}. We turn on The Office on the iPad to kill time and keep my mind occupied.  I use the heating pack to help with the cramps/contractions. I snack on trail mix and fruit snacks from our hospital bag.

6:00pm – more contractions and cramping come and go {you know, the bad period cramps}. I try the yoga ball {birthing ball?}. I eat an Otterpop. Some back pain kicks in around my tail bone. Rob starts to press on my lower back and talks to me while the contractions come/go.

7:00pm – I need to try something else to get through the contractions. I start walking, pacing our room. I put in my headphones to listen to my playlist I made. Rob is starving so he goes down for a burger. The sweetheart has to scarf it down while I go through waves of nausea as all of sudden I begin to have some strong contractions. Rob continues to rub my lower back through contractions.  He coaches me, reminds me to breathe {instead of hold my breath like I did a lot of the time}, encourages me, thanks me. So you know, I don’t like to make a lot of noise when I’m in pain, nor when I puke. And at this point, I was doing everything in my power to not puke or be dramatic about the pain. It’s not my thing.

8:15pm – dying to try the jacuzzi next! Starting to daydream about an epidural. I go into the hot tub and work through contractions, while Rob rubs my lower back vigorously. His rubbing throughout saved me, seriously. LOVED the hot tub, the water was hot and the bubbles wonderful, but the contractions became MUCH stronger and harder to breathe through. My breathing gets deep and I hum loudly to push through. Nausea is still there, in waves. I don’t want to puke! Fighting hard not to cry. At this point I’m not sure I can do this. I’m doubting a lot right now. Rob reminds me to breathe, to not fight the pain. I try hard to embrace the pain, surrender to it, let it in.

9:30pm – we go back into the room and I request to talk to my Doctor about an epidural. Rob reminds me that I wanted to go at this naturally, asks me if I’m sure. I tell him I’m sure. Back on the exercise ball. Dr. checks me and I’m 5cm {and the contractions are this painful?! Um, no}. Baby is in position and she says that we’re very close and an epidural might not be needed. I disagree, ha. I want it. Rob rubs my lower back and acts as my body pillow/punching bag as I fight through some intense cramps, sharp pains while they get things going for the epidural. I internalize as much of the pain as I can. I have to close my eyes to focus on breathing through the contractions. I keep with the deep moaning/humming.

10:30pm – anesthetologist arrives {YAY!!!!}. Rob recognizes him from his gym {small world)}. I get into position on the bed, he’s talking up a storm with Rob, I’m focusing hard to breathe through the pain while the anestheloogist does his thing. The nurse and Rob hold my hands. My eyes remain closed as I focus on sitting still and embracing the pain/contractions while the epidural is inserted. This was extremely challenging! I felt one small pinch for the numbing, and nothing else thereafter. After I lie on my right side so we can continue to monitor and hear little boy’s heart beat clearly. I have a few more contractions that I can still feel. Then within 10 minutes I’m good. GOOOOOD.

11:00pm – I start talking to our wonderful nurse, asked her a few million questions. Got to visit with Rob. We said sweet things to each other. I might have even smiled. My hands shake a little at first. Nurse decides to check me and I’m 10cm {what?!}. How did that happen?! We were in shock that I had transitioned that quickly. I can’t feel anything below the waist at this point. We have to wait until our Doctor can come back, so we’re told to relax. Rob and I smile at each other, because now we’re closer than ever to meeting our son! It’s going to happen! I probably didn’t need to get the epidural, but I’m so happy I did, just for some “release” from the pain. All that’s left to do is push! We’re pretty giddy at this point.

12am – Doctor arrives! They turn off the epidural so I can start to feel the urge to push {since I had absolutely no urge to push}. All the nurses get everything set-up, it’s getting exciting!  . . . it’s go-time! I start pushing in a sitting up position. Rob takes his place next to the Doctor and holds my left knee {seeing that my legs were completely lifeless, he had to hold one of my legs}. I still can’t feel anything down below so pushing is a little weird at first. I watch the monitor to know when a contraction is hitting {since I can’t feel those either} and use my upper abdominal muscles to push down … this goes on for a little bit.

12:30am – I start to feel the contractions again {not too major}, and the back pain comes back a little. I slowly start to feel my legs, and can move them slightly. I continue to push as contractions hit. We have the monitor to hear baby boy’s heart beat and it’s so cool. Rob continues to be my coach, every step of the way, encouraging me, giving me status updates, motivating me.

12:30am – 1:21am – The contractions are back in full swing, and so is the back pain. Rob is back to rubbing my back while still holding my left leg.  I move to a side position, which was best for baby and to move things along — was definitely more painful on my side, but I didn’t care. When I push into the contraction, I hold my own knees. When I pushed into the contraction, the pain lessened, which I liked. I didn’t want to stop pushing at this point! But Dr. wants me to rest between contractions, so I do. Dr. continues to massage me down there {what she massaged I don’t know}. Rob helps the team by pouring a little bit of the sesame oil I brought on the area {should NOT have bought toasted sesame oil – horrible decision on my part lol!} He continues to crown on and off. Rob sees it all! We’re making great progress — I feel like we’re close. I push my heart out — with all my might. I’m a sweaty woman at this point, hahaha — and grunt and push. I want to meet this little man!!! The contractions are more of a piercing pain at this point, pushing definitely helps. Nurse puts a cold cloth on my forehead and helps me drink water {so sweet!!!}. With 3 last big pushes, I get his head out, and one final push for his shoulders. I feel this movement, but no “ring of fire” as they call it {thank God the epidural was still wearing off in some way I assume}. As soon as he’s out they give him straight to me, basically plop him on my chest. He’s HUGE!! I think I even said “holy shit”! How was I carrying this big boy?! He is crying and his eyes are wide open. And he smells like toasted sesame oil!! hahahaha Rob helps to cut the umbilical cord — the nurse cleans me up while I hold our son. Rob starts kissing me and whispering sweet things to me — — I’m so speechless at this point and exhausted. It was hard for me to process a lot, other than the fact that I was holding the little boy I had been carrying for 9 months. It was so beautiful.

Rob and I enjoy a golden hour with little boy, and me some skin to skin, and baby boy starts to breastfeed {with the help of our nurses – yay}. Having an out of body experience at this point. I finally can embrace with Rob and we cry and stare at our son. They end up moving baby boy to the table to clean up, weigh and do all the things they gotta do. He’s so healthy and we’re so thankful to God for that.  Not sure when baby boy stopped crying, but he did. Baby boy was comfy in one of our arms at all times. I thank God that I was able to have a vaginal delivery, and with no pitocin!






Hardest day of my life so far, but totally doable and so worth it! Looking back, the pain was actually motivating — because our son was at the finish line. If pain is what I had to experience to see his little face and body, I’d do it all over again. I just might wait a couple years before the next one ;) For now, I don’t want him to grow up, EVER.

Hopefully this wasn’t too gory for you, ha. I wanted to make sure I captured every detail! ;)

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  • Reply Anonymous April 11, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    That wasn’t too gory at all! It was beautiful, and inspiring, and motivating. Thank you for sharing these experiences with us in the “blogosphere”. They really do help. I’m about to go through my birthing experience, and you are right, it really does help to hear the honest, detailed, accounts of others. Thank you!
    Jessica Kerr

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