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Bookshop Santa Cruz & Laura Davis

Miss Heather and I are HUGE fans of Bookshop Santa Cruz. It’s our favorite place to go downtown. We literally could spend hours just walking around, browsing books, magazines, notebooks, gifts, and letterpress cards.

Heather introduced me to Laura Davis & The Writing Journey, and on Monday we attended one of her creative writing workshops at the Bookshop. Laura prompted us with different words like ‘vaseline’ and ‘chainsaw’ to get our creative juices flowing, and our hands moving. We were given 7 minutes to write about these different word “prompts”, then share them with your neighbor. All you’re allowed to say after listening to someone’s writing is “thank you”. I laughed at how sporadic my writing was. Must be how my mind works. I’m definitely a newbie to this creative writing stuff, so hopefully I’ll improve and be able to write more eloquently with each workshop.

It was a great crowd! A lot of creative minds out there, with different approaches to writing. I already penciled in the next few creative writing workshops, and will be doing Laura’s weekly writing prompts via email. In case you’re interested, every Tuesday Laura sends out a writing prompt via email. You then can take a few minutes out of your morning or day to complete it. I picked up a little notebook to get me geared up for my Tuesday prompts! What a great way to unleash your mind and get some things down on paper. Perhaps I’ll finally find my blogging “voice”.

Bookshop Santa Cruz also hosts different reading programs each quarter. Heather and I are doing their Winter Reading Program as well and are starting with Maisie Dobbs. If you finish 3 of the books on the reading list you get a free glass of wine at the Bonny Doon tasting room, a free Buttercup Cakes cupcake and a gift card back to the Bookshop. Worth it to me!

{I think my 2014 is already off to a creative start! Yay.}
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