I’ve wanted to go to Capri, Italy for the longest time and it was my dream travel destination before St. Bart’s moved into the slot. Capri was absolutely breathtaking. I took so many pictures (763 to be exact) that I’m going to have to be a little selective in which I post and save for our Italy slideshow.




What did I love most about Capri? Everything! But here were the biggies:

The view.


Pizzeria Ristorante Longano de Tarantino – this was our go-to restaurant. We ate there all 3 nights! Call us crazy, but we couldn’t pass up the pasta (and seafood), service, lemon shots, view and ocean air.



Our awesome servers! They worked every night we came in.




Marina Piccola Bay (300 steps down, 300 up – I counted!) – I loved watching the moms scoop up jelly fish and children paint rocks.



No idea who this little girl is but she’s adorable.




Anacapri & the chair lift to Monte Solaro – absolutely breathtaking I’m telling you!





Limoncello – we definitely picked up some of this.


Augusto Gardens & Via Krupp (famous windy road!)


Who gets married on the cliffs of Capri? Someone crazy! Ok… I was super jealous of this ceremony set-up. How awesome would THAT be!?


Boat tour around the island – this was soooo much fun!!!




There was the sweetest girl on the boat that I wish I would have captured on my iPhone. She spoke a different language but every time a school of fish would come by our boat, she’d tap me on the shoulder excitedly and say, “Fish, Fish!”. She was so darling. We waved goodbye to each other at the end of the tour and I wished we could be pen pals somehow.

And, last but not least, The Blue Grotto (the top excursion of the island) – You enter through a VERY small cave opening, to the point where you have to lay down flat in the little row boat. The tiny entrance radiates enough light to fill the grotto cave and the inside gives off this beautiful blue glow. It’s like you’re in Avatar! If you watch the whole video, please don’t mind the singing of our guide! Ha!

I’m now checking you off my bucket list, Capri (check!)! Next, Ireland, Hawaii, London or France – whichever is first ;)

If you’re ever in southern Italy, take the ferry to Capri. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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