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12 Dates of Christmas

12 Dates of Christmas

Stockings for the pups

6th date of Christmas – make stockings for the dogs. And that we did, and a little more ;)
Lucy looks twice my size here. Hahahahaha

Do you spoil your pets like we do? Please tell me you do.

12 Dates of Christmas

Hot chocolate star gazing

On our 5th date of Christmas we sipped hot chocolate on our patio and star gazed. I like to put a little mint ice-cream in my hot chocolate – you should try it, it’s delicious! We wished on a star, watched planes fly by and talked about our upcoming Christmas vacation. When it got too cold to bear, we took the party to the couch.

12 Dates of Christmas

Driving light tour

On the 4th date of Christmas. . . la la la la . . . , we went for a driving light tour around Capitola & Aptos. Not that impressive I’ll tell you. Zelda’s and a couple houses were the only places worthy of my camera.



We decided to turn around and put up my more lights at our cottage. Lying in bed with my iPad and tea with the lights aglow is so magical {there’s that word again, thanks Heather}! Who needs to drive to see lights when we have them right here. One thing I miss about Arizona this time of year are the holiday fanatics that go nutso with the lights on their houses. Soon, AZ, soon! . . .


12 Dates of Christmas

Cookies & PJs

On our 2nd date of Christmas we made cookies {or I attempted to}. I saw a recipe for Speculoos Buttons on Bon Appetit, and thought they looked delicious – a fancy gingerbread cookie. Plus, I wanted to use these.

Why do I always pick the cute cookie that’s a pain in the @$$? Some future tips for you: don’t ever use regular molasses when it calls for mild molasses; and room temperature butter & eggs make all the difference. Or so I would assume. My Speculoos Buttons tasted great right out of the oven, but were hard as a rock the next day. And, were BROWN, not a pretty light brown like the magazine. We made chocolate chip cookies instead.

3rd date of Christmas: shop for Christmas PJs {I’m combining these two since the cookies were such a disaster}. Thank God for a simple task! PJ sets are the way to go. Thank you, Target!

12 Dates of Christmas, Bonny Doon

Christmas kickoff

This year feels extra magical for some reason. Maybe it’s the cold, raining mornings, or smell of fires burning in chimneys in our neighborhood. Who knows. If you don’t already know, Rob gets pretty excited about Christmas. He’s sort of like Mr. Christmas – he kept calling this past weekend the “Christmas Kickoff” . . . getting our tree, putting up lights, Christmas movies, baking cookies, etc. To help us get in the holiday spirit {even more than we already are}, I thought we’d do the famous 12-dates of Christmas. If you’re a blogger you may have seen this fad in the blogosphere. It’s great for couples or friends!

The first date of Christmas is to pick out a tree & decorate it. So, we did. Over the weekend we went to the Crest Ranch Christmas Tree Farm up in Bonny Doon. It was life-changing. They had SO many kinds of trees, even one that looked quite beachy.





We got that baby home and started decorating. Not a minute went by without us obsessing over how wonderful it smelt.We promised each other we’d never put up a fake tree again.

Are you a fake or real tree person?