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Spring in Sonoma

As soon as Momma Joy got in, we zipped up to Sonoma to get her birthday celebration started. I found a cute inn for us to stay at in Geyersville. The downtown was on the same street, so we made our way down for some local wine. Every restaurant was packed, so we took the last two seats at the candle-lit bar at Diavola and caught up from the last few months over hot pizza. The next morning brought a little mist, and then sunshine. Our first winery was Stryker. The entrance alone made our hearts {and nostrils} dance over the aroma of the beautiful blooms lining the walkway.










I hope heaven has these at its gates:) they smell INCREDIBLE.
Alexander Valley, Healdsburg, Sonoma

Medlock Ames

I’ve always wanted to take a page from Sunset magazine and do everything it told me to do. So, I did, and dragged the husband along for the ride:). It also marked one more thing off my summer bucket list, {just in the nick of time, too}.

First stop of my Sonoma birthday was Medlock Ames. Now, before I continue, I just have to say that I fell madly in love with Sonoma as soon as we pulled onto Healdsburg Avenue. More lush than Napa; and much home-ier. I was so pleased with every winery I selected. No traffic – outstanding service – amazing wine – scenic landscape everywhere you turned – it all. I, without a doubt, agree with Sunset that Sonoma wins the face-off over Napa.

On to Medlock Ames. Their 2003 and 2001 Merlot was wonderful, and their planter of lavender! It was so much fun wine-tasting with Rob – I’m so fortunate to have someone who loves red wine as much as me:) We swirled, smelled, tasted and savored.











I highly recommend! Next, Dry Creek Valley and downtown Healdsburg.