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Dry Creek Valley

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Spring in Sonoma

As soon as Momma Joy got in, we zipped up to Sonoma to get her birthday celebration started. I found a cute inn for us to stay at in Geyersville. The downtown was on the same street, so we made our way down for some local wine. Every restaurant was packed, so we took the last two seats at the candle-lit bar at Diavola and caught up from the last few months over hot pizza. The next morning brought a little mist, and then sunshine. Our first winery was Stryker. The entrance alone made our hearts {and nostrils} dance over the aroma of the beautiful blooms lining the walkway.










I hope heaven has these at its gates:) they smell INCREDIBLE.
Dry Creek Valley, Healdsburg, Sonoma

Dry creek valley

The next two wineries we went to in Sonoma were just as wonderful as Medlock Ames. Ridge Vineyards has the best patio and Zinfandel in Healdsburg.We made ourselves comfortable, chatted with the wine narrator about frizbee golf and the Santa Cruz Mountains {the wine, too} and enjoyed each sip.





After Ridge, Rob was getting a little hungry so we stopped at a food truck {along the side of the road – how cool is that!?} and headed to the next winery.


Dry Creek was recommended to us by our friend, Olive. So enchanting! The whole ambiance and tasting room service alone makes you wish you were a member of their wine club. They’re so friendly and happy! The fresh-cut grass smelt so lovely. I’m a Michigan girl at heart and will stop and smell the grass before the roses any day ;)







If I wasn’t feeling as giggly, I would have hit up Bella Vineyard, too. I heard they had hula-hoping on their lawn! Next time maybe. . . Healdsburg coming next!