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A gift to inspire: The Artist’s Way

Knowing creative people {like Heather and my boss}, brings new things to my attention all the time. New blogs, new weekend projects, new designs, new radio stations, new books. One item that has really struck my fancy is the book, The Artist’s Way — A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, by Julia Cameron. An oldie, but goodie, this book leads you through a comprehensive program to rediscover or connect with the creative energies of the universe – and to help you gain {or re-gain} artistic confidence and productivity. If any of your creative friends are in a funk, give this to give her a *boost*. A nice add-on is a personalized journal for her “Morning Pages” {one of the tasks in the book}. I’m actually going to read this myself! As always, the calligraphy was done by my friend, Heather.

Calligraphy, Giving Joy, Heather Letters

Gift idea for the destination bride: a beachy-chic dress

Another one of my Arizona girls is engaged, and is planning a destination wedding in the Caribbean. I wanted to get her something to say “congrats” but also something USEFUL for her trip. So, I went for something bridal-esque, yet beachy chic. H&M has these ADORABLE lace dresses right now {in lots of colors!} that can be dressed down for the beach, or up for a bridal shower. Add some seashells, and a lovely note scripted by the wonderful Heather over at Found in the Central Coast, and voila! A personalized engagement gift:)
Calligraphy, Giving Joy, Heather by Hand

Engagement gift idea: Thrilled for you

Right now I know of 10 ladies who are engaged and planning for their wedding. A few I know more closely than others, so I’ve been in engagement gift giving mode, looking for something perfect for each bride. First on my list {trying to stay in order}, my friend Heather. I saw this bottle of wine from Swanson Vineyards up in Rutherford that would have been SO incredibly perfect, seeing that her nick name is “thrill madril”. Sadly, they’re not producing any more of this vintage. So, I stole the theme and put together a box of littles for my newly engaged friend to enjoy. Sort of my wedding version of a birch-box. And all for around $25 {the price for me has to be right, too – knowing I still have to come up with a bridal shower and wedding gift for the couple}. Did I mention I call Heather, “my little Heather”?

These black & white graphic boxes always tug at my heart strings. They’re so cute & clever. And they go with any room decor. So, I picked a lovey one for Heather’s wedding box.

At the Book Shop of Santa Cruz, they have a really fun sales section. I couldn’t resist the mini sparklers and cake-topper. Then I kept shopping around downtown and picked out a Lollia hand creme, a vintage handkerchief for future tears and some sustainable, “love” hair product samples to complete the box. Add the clever insert message and done!

I have more friends to shop for, and need to do it pretty quick so I stay within the “engagement” window, so more engagement gift ideas to come! {Calligraphy on the envelope by Found in the Central Coast}.

12 Dates of Christmas, Calligraphy, Giving Joy

Christmas calligraphy

This year, I took FULL advantage of Heather‘s calligraphy skills for our Christmas cards. She addressed all 40 for us – and also a little something inside. We added some washi tape and a festive stamp and these babies were ready to go {early this year!}. Thank you, Heather!

I hope everyone who received a card from us was delighted to see their name scripted so beautifully. I had a hard time parting with them at the mailbox myself. If you’re looking for someone who is amazing at Calligraphy {and has about 50 different inks and scraps of doodles}, you should head over to Found in the Central Coast.