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Cher Joy

Cher Joy

Spring Break and a lot of blonde hair

Spring break in these parts came and went fast this year! Day care was closed so I got to stay home a couple days with Jace face and the other days he spent with family, which is always nice. The days are getting warmer, the orange blossoms are popping and the labor countdown is getting serious. I’m down to weekly exams at my Doctor to check on baby and my cervix, not always fun but it’s getting me closer to the end. I’m feeling large and in charge. And for some reason, all I want to eat are oreos and chocolate shakes and the pizza cookie from Oregano’s >D Crap food at the end, it always gets me. Might as well throw that new year’s resolution out the window! We have the Giants game today with Jace and some friends, and we can’t wait to see his face! Might be a scorcher out there, but we’ll try to stay cool and Jace will surely be entertained! So until next week, here’s what brought me joy over Spring Break:

1.An acai mango bowl with my little man after a trip to the park .. I can’t believe I’ve just now discovered Nektar Juice bar. And why do acai bowls taste so much better when someone else makes them for you? We also did the zoo one day, and had so much fun. I love the days where I can feel like a stay-at-home-mom!


2. Seeing Jace’s sweet little expression on his face, playing ball with Grandma at the park. He looks so purely happy.


3. Goodwill Redesign on Saturday! I usually have their 50% off sales marked on my calendar, because it’s really the best day to go. We found a ping pong table for $50, lots of house-warming goodies for a friend, and a rose-colored vintage rocking chair for our room (or maybe the baby’s room). We literally walked out spending less than $100. Amazing!


4. And last but not least, a little surprise from Rob on our wedding anniversary, with love letter and all (and mani/pedi $$ to treat myself). Happy 9 years sweatheart; I love you so much.


And p.s. Pandolly is back but now renamed to The High Low .. still one of my favorite podcasts. I love their flingy flangy topics, and accents, and girl power atttiudes! ;)


Have a great week!

Cher Joy, Date Night

Oh heyyyy Sunday!

Hola friends. February is in full swing in these parts. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately. Temps have been heavenly. One morning when I was up early for a dental cleaning it even smelled like California out! I even took Jace out for a little hike/run around Papago Park yesterday. We’re slowly trying to get things in order before the next one, including school and house to-dos, finances and the nursery details. The count down is officially here. Only 7 more weeks to go! Holy moly. I already feel huge, but I know I’m only going to get bigger.  And this morning I’m craving some french toast, so I’m going to go wake up my boys so we can go out for breakfast! He.he. Here’s what brought me joy this last week:

1. Making pineapple shaped cookies for Jace’s friends at daycare. I’ve had this cookie cutter for quite some time, so I was excited to finally use it to celebreate our little pineapple for his birthday. And it was sort of relaxing cutting and icing them while the boys watched the Superbowl. And I can’t lie, pretty tasty ..!


2. Jace’s 3-year (3!!!) wellness appointment. Still can’t believe he’s THREE. It only took 2 suckers to get him through it but he was so cute. We got a big smile out of him when the Doctor wanted to touch his arm muscles ;) Like father like son. And his blonde locks are killing me. He’s my total surfer hippy boy and I love it.


3. An early Valentine’s Day dinner with Rob. We didn’t want to do anything on a week night, and had a gift card so we treated ourselves to Maestro’s. And oh was it worth it. The lobster mash, the brussel sprouts, the filet. So good! Thanks Grandma Teri and Auntie Tay!


4. Our tomatoes are finally starting to turn red and they’re delicious!! Rob is definitely more excited than me though, since these were sort of his baby from the beginning. He eats tomatoes like apples. And I think some of the compost I used is sprouting little cherry-sized tomatoes, too. I see a lot of BLTs in our future!

IMG_2942 IMG_2943

Cher Joy, Holidays

Our Christmas

What can I say, we had a wonderful Christmas.  I can’t get over how wonderful it was. To celebrate the birth of Jesus, and share his love with others, to open presents from Santa Claus and all that comes with the season, including spending time with family. But now our tree is down, the decorations all put away. It’s time to bring in the New Year. And there is so much to be thankful for. This time of year I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be here and with people to love. Isn’t love the best thing in life? It’s truly a gift. So, to end with that note, here are some of the things that brought me joy this last week: gifts of thoughtfulness that definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

1.A thoughtful surprise from our realtor. He’s truly the best. The oreo truffles were to-die-for!

img_2537  2. Pajama day at daycare. I’m so thankful for Veronica. Even though she doesn’t celebrate the holiday, she still did something festive for the kiddos.

img_2546 3. A calendar gift that is actually going to benefit someone else (and not just a wall in my house)!  Thanks, Heather ;)

img_2547  4. The luminaries our neighbors picked up for us and set out in front of our house, so we could partake in the neighborhood tradition on Christmas Eve. They are so sweet.


Hope you all had a merry Christmas!

Cher Joy

WRAPPING up the weekend

Only 7 more days ’til Christmas! And I think I’m about ready. Rob and I finished up almost all of our shopping this weekend, and what a great feeling that is. I think one of my favorite things to do is wrap gifts so I got my wrapping on all weekend. It’s so fun wrapping up something you’ve picked out for someone else (whether they asked for it or not, ha!). It was pretty chilly for us around these parts, which we always love (we like the months here when we’re not sweating, can you tell?)  We’ve also been watching all of our favorite Christmas movies, like Hook, The Holiday, and The Santa Claus. The holiday cards are starting to arrive, our tree still smells good, which is a HUGE win (!) and the Christmas tunes are always on around the house.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more soon, but until then, here’s what brought me joy last week:

1. Fresh, hot cookies, right out of the oven. Need I say more?!img_25102. Seeing Jace interact with Santa. He gave him lots of high fives, a hug and asked for a firetruck for Christmas. Too cute.3. My new Warby Parkers arrived this week!!! I love how big they are for my blind eyes!  cher-joy4. And lastly, a wonderful girl date and gift exchange with my friend Kristin who I love so much. I SOOOO needed our mani/pedi date and am feeling ready for Christmas now, all painted and massaged. img_2529

Cher Joy

Sooooo ready for the weekend

Man, another week has flown by and now December is in full swing. This week sure was a doozy. Photoshoots for work, another head cold for the little boy, Christmas shopping and packing for Flagstaff. But this weekend we have The Polar Express and I know it’s going to be a magical time.  The car is all checked out, and we’re hoping for some snow up there, maybe a little sledding if it’s fluffy enough. I so need three days away with my boys, to do something different and festive. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Polar Express so I think we’re in for a ride. And it will be fun to try some new places up in Flag and eat a continental breakfast (one where I don’t have to make and clean up after). Until I share more, here’s what brought me joy this week:

1. Rob’s attempts at making hearts in my morning cappaccino. He’s getting pretty good ;)img_22722. Jace’s new slippers I got on SALE. Blurred of course, but still adorbs when he struts all around. img_22583. A late night shopping for stocking stuffers (and other random gifts) for Jace face. It’s the most joyful thing to do!

img_23754. My new Pioneer Woman kitchen towels. So lovely. And I’m pretty sure I need one of her goblets next. Or the Charlie cookie jar.

img_2280Happy holidays friends. Have a great weekend!