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Some things to mention

img_2062 We FINALLY found a church. It’s called Redemption, which is basically the same church we used to go to when we lived here before but a different location.  I also put Jace in flannel to dress him up a little and at breakfast after I couldn’t help thinking how older he looks. Especially with his watch on, just like Daddy.

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Cher Joy

15 years!

I’m up early this morning, about to make some pancakes and coffee. My guys aren’t up yet. The house is sort of dark, the A/C is blastin’. Thought I’d share a little joy this morning. August is already done, and now we’re into one of my favorite months! This month I turn 33, and this month Rob and I celebrate 15 years together. 15 years. Holy crap. I’ve been wtih this man for 15 years of my life, almost half my life. That is so crazy to think about. But wow, what a good 15 years. So much to reflect on when I really think about it. Some of my favorite memories include: our wedding dayour dogs, our trip to Europe, moving to California, drinking wine in Sonoma, a wedding anniversary in Tahoe, my Big Sur-prise, SundaysChristmases together, Hawaii, buying our first house, and oh, yeah, having a baby and all the fun of raising a babe along the way! I could go on recapping all our times and years together, but don’t have stories or photos for everything. Just what I have here on this old blog. Which reminds me, having this blog makes me so dang thankful because I’ve really captured a lot over the years. and I really to need to get back to it. All the memories and pictures and random rabblings I’ve done really take me back. Everything being documented in a little way is so nice. It’s very different from a written journal. I can search and just get lost in looking at old pictures. But really, I’m so blessed to have spent the last 15 years with this man. We’re doing it. Living this life together, working through anything that comes our way and still planning for the future. I love you, Rob.

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Cher Joy

Cher Joy

Hi friends. Happy spring to you! The orange blossoms are blooming here in AZ and every where you go you can smell them. I love it. It’s been a fairly hot Spring for us, mid-90’s. Thought I’d give this little here blog of mine some attention. I don’t get on as much as I’d like, but definitely want to keep documenting. The days go so fast, and I want to remember the best parts of them. It’s been a chill weekend for us, as you can tell from my nap picture above ;) I’ve got Nicki Bluhm on shuffle, snacking on Roasted tomatillo salsa and chips and am about to start some cleaning. Hope you’re all having a good March and let’s do this again next weekend! Here’s what brought me joy this past week, in case you’re interested.

1. Orchids from my man. He had some making up to do ;) But so pretty and sweet all the same.

IMG_0624 2.  Monday I volunteered at St. Vincent De Paul’s local farm. We picked radishes, grazed on cauliflower, snap peas, celery, mint and carrots .. pulled out flowered veggies, composted and then carried in cartons of vegetables to St. Vincent’s kitchen for meals for families to pick up later. Such a beautiful morning .. best way to start the week. Would KILL to have a garden of my own like this. So awesome. And yes, that’s the I-10 right next to it. Crazy to see that kind of soil just south of the airport.


3. A friend gave Jace this puppy stuffed animal when we lost our little Lucy (still not ready to talk about that), and he likes to take it everywhere, it’s particularly his pal while we drive. He hugs him so tight and says “my pappy”! It’s the cutest thing. I love listening to Jace word chatter. He’s so close to saying words fully, and putting sentences together.


4. My boys yesterday at the Chandler BBQ Festival. Rob loves that he can put Jace up on his shoulders now without the scare of him falling back. Jace has always been solid, he just has better balance now; Rob just hangs on to his ankles. Had such a blast . . . !


Cher Joy, Jace

My sleepy boy

IMG_0622This little person makes me so happy. He’s been doing the funniest thing lately, where we won’t nap or go to bed without his light-up crocs on (and although you can’t see it, his ninja turtle watch, too). It’s so sweet how attached he gets to things that are his or “mine”. And of course he’s still in love with that monkey blankie. Not sure he’ll ever give that up. I woke up before Jace and I found myself just laying next to him and listening to his little breaths. All curled up with his blankie and shoes on. All over again my heart wanted to burst out of my chest. It’s already March and I can’t slow down time. I can’t stop him from growing. All I can do is take these quiet moments for what they’re worth and enjoy his littleness. And take as many Sunday naps with him as possible;)

Cher Joy

Cher Joy

Hello friends! The weekend is almost over. Noooooooooo! I don’t want it to end. What would life be like if we didn’t have jobs? And everything was free. (sigh) It was a long week for me, and a busy weekend. But all good though. There was actually, genuinely a lot of good and joy in this past week, and even just in the two days of the weekend. I really could call out a lot, like my birthday, or my barre and brunch date with a friend, talking about motherhood and life, or breakfast at my parents’ house, watching Jace play his new guitar, or simply hanging out at the house with my boys, dancing to the Beach Boys on Pandora. Plus, it was my birthday “weekend”, which involved a long over due pedicure, shopping and Italian food! Oh and we hit a new phase this weekend, too – Jace is now that size where he can push his own mini shopping cart at Trader Joe’s. It’s so ridiculously cute (see above)! He shops like mommy, too and puts everything he sees in the cart, haha. So without further ado, here is what brought me joy last week:

#1. A week night that involved Friends, apple pie and Tillamook’s Oregon Hazelnut & Salted Caramel ice-cream. Please pardon the paper plate.


#2. Limetown. I am so hooked on this podcast!! SOOOOO good!!!


#3 – Surprise birthday delivery from my sister. Sunflowers are so happy and bright. Love them. Thank you sister! XOXOXO

thumb_IMG_6709_1024#4. My really birthday celebration last night with Rob. We ate at North (amazing kale salad and Bolognese) and then went to Chicago after, at the Phoenix Theatre. Incredible dinner. Incredible show!! Such a nice night with my man.