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Farmer’s Market flowers

Farmer's Market flowers

Lavender in vases

Rob and I have some time between family and friend visits so we’ve been spending our weekends decorating our little cottage. Heather bought me these wall vases from Pottery Barn YEARS ago, and I’m still in love with them. They’re so perfect for any room, and now I have a place to put my farmer’s market flowers that won’t attract ants!

The lavender smells so wonderful.
Farmer's Market flowers

Happy weekend!

I am in love with this bouquet I put together at the Farmer’s Market. The perfect colors for summer if you ask me.

The doggies are going in for shots and haircuts this weekend, fun-fun and we also get to pet-sit Rudy!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

Farmer's Market flowers

Patio flowers

I’ve started getting our patio ready for summer and my first buy was this wacky thing I picked up at the farmer’s market a week ago. Love the color mix between the fuchsia and purple.

Next, a succulent frame, an herb box, more flowers and possibly lanterns!

Farmer's Market flowers

Farmer’s market flowers

First I typed “Farmer’s Marketing flowers”. Hahahaha. Picked these up at the farmer’s market at Cabrillo College this morning. Aren’t they darling? I’m so in the mood for red. I consider the basil bouquet flowers too since I love the smell so much.

Hope you’re all having a nice Easter weekend!