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Gold Canyon

Gilbert, Gold Canyon

Top Golf, then more golf.

IMG_5819In case you haven’t picked up on this, this past Father’s Day/birthday weekend was ridiculously busy. We did way too much. I don’t even remember sleeping. Thankfully we got to spend some good quality time with our dads. We treated my Dad to Top Golf, pretty much the most exciting thing to do around here, and Rob’s Dad to Jurassic World (no photos, sadly). It was my parents first time to Top Golf and they’re already hooked. It’s like a video game, but better.

IMG_5815 IMG_5816 IMG_5817 IMG_5831 IMG_5837Then on Father’s Day morning, I took Rob out for 18 holes at Gold Canyon Golf Resort. In the desert. I did book us an early enough tee time so that we wouldn’t completely melt. By the 15th hole though I thought I was going to collapse from the heat, ha. I got so much golf and swings in that weekend, my whole back is sore!

IMG_5867 IMG_5869 IMG_5872 IMG_5874