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Rodoni Farms

You guessed it. Rodoni Farms! I promised Rob I wouldn’t go crazy with the photos, but we did snap a few. What a selection Rodoni has. My goodness. They had every breed of pumpkin available. Even the Cinderella pumpkins {which I love!}. This year I’ve particularly been drawn to the white pumpkins. What I also love about Rodoni is the field sits on a hillside, overlooking the ocean. And boy is that ocean breeze intoxicating. The perfect end to a Fall day in California.

{the ocean air doesn’t allow for the best hair.
But it doesn’t get much better than smelling the ocean and kissing my baby’s cheeks.}
And there you have it. A baby sitting in a field of pumpkins. A very pale baby but a baby at that!
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Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival + a video

This last weekend we went to the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival. We’ve been so caught up with moving and work that I wanted us to take a little road trip somewhere close by and near the ocean;) So, we headed to the little town of Half Moon Bay. Their annual festival was packed with pumpkin everything – pumpkin macaroni & cheese, pumpkin chili, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin ice-cream – pumpkin you name it! There were giant pumpkins every where you looked, different craft stations for kids, a pumpkin pie eating contest, world class pumpkin carvers and a festival parade {which we missed because we were eating something pumpkin-y}. It was such a fun day of music and art and pumpkin eating! After the crowd got the best of us {really, I was starting to get claustrophobic}, we said goodbye to the festival and headed home. On the way back into Santa Cruz we stopped at Rodoni Farms. Rob insisted that because Jace won’t necessarily remember any of this pumpkin fun, that we didn’t need to go overboard on the pictures, or actually pick out a pumpkin, so we enjoyed the view and smell of the ocean, obnoxiously put Jace in the piles of pumpkins and giggled over his obsession with the hay. More pictures on Rodoni next!

{the pumpkin-tini was delish}
{not sure Jace is a pumpkin fan just yet.}
{broom anyone?}
{for being quite the pumpkin pie fanatic, I must say their “famous” pie was pretty good.
And why have I never put cinnamon on my pumpkin pie before?! It’s delicious!}
{babies in flannels kill me.}
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Coastal pumpkins

Are you guys ready for Halloween? We officially are. When I saw these pumpkins from Coastal Living, I immediately downloaded their carving templates. We only had enough energy to do 2, but we were still pretty proud. They’re not perfect, but they sure to do set the stage. We’ll be passing out candy and staying in this Halloween. Maybe have a fire, and watch the Conjuring {if I can work up the courage to watch it!}.




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Celebrating Fall . . with vampire steak

I drive past the best pumpkin yard on my way home from work this time of year. I stopped on a Friday night and spent a good $20 on pumpkins – small and large, including a Cinderella one {more on that later!}. Over the weekend we put the scary movies on, made some vampire steak and a fire every night. I love weekends like this, especially when the nights are cold and we haven’t anything to do!


{+new pillows for the couch!}





{Recipe for the Vampire Steak is here.}


{Already starting to day-dream about our post-pregancy trip to Sonoma. Rob enjoyed some Merlot from Alexander Valley.}

{LOVE our fireplace.}
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BOO-ze your friends

Are you guys all ready for Halloween? We’re not dressing up {or passing out candy}, so I did a little something for my friends at work. I did this same thing a couple years ago, but added some upgrades, like washi tape and wraphia. I turned on some Michael Buble Pandora, sipped on pumpkin spice coffee and enjoyed a crafty morning on my back patio.

Here’s what you need to “BOO!”ze your friends:

  1. Paper; washi tape; scissors; pens; wraphia.
  2. Bottles of wine – one for each friend. I always opt for red since it’s scarier than white.

I like to go to Trader Joe’s for the wine. They have a great selection of wine labels that are dark & spooky – and cost any where from $1.99 – $6.99 each. Which, is pretty cheap if you’re buying for a few friends.

I put a bottle at each of their desks at work and surrounded it with some black, shredded paper. And done!

Happy Halloween friends!