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Fitz & the Tantrums

Went and saw Fitz & the Tantrums in Oakland last night with Heather and am still on a high from the show. It was AMAZING. They sure know how to put on a show. I have a total girl crush on Noelle Scaggs now. She has some mad tambourine skills and dance moves. And Michael Fitzpatrick. Wow. Those vocals! And I just learned that his white strip of hair is actually from his birthmark. How cool is that?! It was such a fun night with friends. Heather and I totally bought T-shirts like crazed fans. Felt like we were teenagers again. We danced our butts off . . . great night!

 {Heather & Leslie — love these two!}
Have you been to any great concerts lately? Please share!
30 in Kauai, Heather by Hand, Santa Cruz

Blogging date at Verve Coffee

Miss Heather and I had a fun girly day planned together over the weekend — pedicures, lunch, the book shop, dessert and then Verve Coffee for some blogging and brainstorming! Verve is such a great coffee venue. Couples cozy up with books, students come together for study sessions, friends meet up to chat. It’s really one of the best, centrally located coffee houses in the Cruz. They even have a pop-up location in New York City right now for market testing. Too cool, and very smart if you ask me. But that’s Verve for you. Very cool indeed.

We set up shop in one of their booths and ordered coffees {decaf for me of course}. Heather and I have some exciting goals for ourselves this year. It’s so fun to share in them together! By the time we were done catching up and running ideas by each other it was already 5:00p! I love those days when the hours fly by before you realize it. When you’re having such a wonderful time with a friend that you could sit together forever. I’m so thankful to have Heather as a friend. I truly think we’re each other’s biggest fans. Maybe that’s why we continue to find ourselves working together professionally.





{Heather was not feeling very photogenic, but I still snapped a pic. Ha!}
Giving Joy, Heather by Hand

Gift idea for the bride-to-be: a goodie basket

I am beyond excited to share that my best friend, Heather, is engaged!!! I think I’ve been waiting for this day for as long as Heather has. I think they’re going to soak up every minute of their engagement before setting a date and planning all the details, so I wanted to get Heather some goodies to use while they enjoy this romantic time:

{time to start saving for that dream honeymoon!}
{thought I’d formally RSVP now to their wedding ;) – plus Heather loves champagne . . cheers!}
{California wedding planning magazines}
{a “love” activity book for the happy couple}
{put it all in basket, with some flowers, and your gift is ready!}
Congratulations, Heather & Brent!
  • Honeymoon Fund jar – buy a glass jug of wine, empty it {or just have some girlfriends over to help you drink it all}, wash, wrap with ribbon and add label. I added some coins to get them started, too ;)
  • RSVP champagne
  • Wedding Magazines – your local bookshop
  • I Love You Activity Book
  • Flowers to match the theme
  • Basket

Happy gift giving!

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Showered with love

I just got back from the most amazing baby shower in Arizona. My sister, with the help from my mom and friends, put on a darling, outdoor patio shower in my honor, at The Living Room in Chandler. It was everything I had hoped for. And I must say, it was one of the best social events I’ve attended this year ;) So adult, and so stylish! I couldn’t believe how many people attended, and with lots of gifts and books and hugs and belly rubs! I felt so loved. It was so wonderful seeing everyone. A big thank you to my sister for carrying out all the event & creative details, my Mom for the fun games and support, and my friends for their creative eye as well. It was a beautiful day and I can’t wait to share more pictures.  Here’s a quick peak:


{The guest tree and favors table — guests were asked to “leaf” their fingerprint as they came in. How cute is THAT?!
And I officially have an obsession with woodland creatures, especially the fox!}


{I LOVE succulents, so this was the perfect parting gift for guests. I’ll be watching mine grow from California, too}
Baby J, Heather by Hand, Letterpress

Oh, boy! baby shower invitation

I’m spoiled to know some pretty talented women. Heather by Hand {my Heather}, Alissa Bell & designer, Loni Johnston, helped create my baby shower invitation. I’m going back for an Arizona-style, patio baby shower so we incorporated the sex of the baby {Heather did the script for “Oh Boy!”} and succulents. Mint is one of my base colors for the nursery so we really played it up {thanks, Loni!}.
Miss Bell worked her magic on the letterpress and brought the design to life!


Heather also addressed my envelopes {love!!}.


I’m so excited to see my friends & family next month. Maybe having some more baby things around here will make it feel more real {aside from the little man moving around in my belly, right?!}. Will take some more style shots once all the details come together for the shower.