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Easter Morning

thumb_IMG_0737_1024 Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. Our little family had truly a wonderful Easter Sunday. Such a special day in our hearts and all that more enjoyable to rejoice with family. Easter morning we surprised Jace with his basket, then headed over to my parent’s house for brunch and an Easter egg hunt. Somehow I didn’t get any family shots in. Typical me, right? The only person I tend to capture is Mr. Jace these days. But I guess I should get us in some pictures sooner or later! Next time ;) My mom had an amazing feast prepared for us. The ham was mouth-watering good — I don’t know if it was the glaze or cooking time, but it was life changing. Biscuits and gravy, over easy eggs, the whole thang. Jace of course made out like a bandit. And this was only at one Grandparent’s house. Later we hopped on over to Rob’s family’s house for another feast and egg hunt. So much fun! Until next time, God bless!  Continue Reading

Family, Holidays


This Christmas, I decided to take a bunch of video so we could really capture the excitement and moments from the day. This Christmas sure did come fast, we didn’t even get to all of our “12 dates of Christmas” … all of a sudden it was Dec. 24th and we were furiously wrapping gifts! But, wow, what an awesome Christmas, even for how exhausting it might have seemed. We got in a ton of family time and laughs, lots of dancing and kissing and eating .. just your average family holiday get together.

I think one of the best parts of our Christmas holiday was playing with Jace and his toys. Since I’ve been an adult now for what feels like forever, I forgot how fun toys are!! So please pardon my little toy recap here, but I was as into the toy playing as mr. Jace was. His favorite gifts included anything Thomas the Train related. Rob got him a little Thomas the Train whistle, Grandpa Randy got him a battery-operated one, and a friend got him a little train track set, and me a little tent for him to play in. And just a sidetone, thank you, Netflix, for having Thomas the Train .. it’s seriously the best show and Jace adamantly requests to watch it now, while he plays with his trains. He goes around saying, “MY choo choo (yes, everything that is “his”, he proudly disclaims as “MINE” in the cutest little boy voice). He also loved this glow-in-the-dark, battery-operated car track my Mom got him. The track is plastic and folds up nicely into a bag, so you can take it anywhere. And the cars are fast! Lastly .. Great Grandma Margie got Jace a teepee for his room. And I tell you, Jace has never been more animated about life until he saw this thing. It was definitely a bad idea to set it up right after bath time, because after rolling around in this thing, running around it, diving into the pillows, reading books, playing with the flashlight and watching the glowing lights on the ceiling, this boy didn’t want to go to bed. Good thing he woke up and it was right there for him to experience all over again. Such fun. Rob and I felt like kids again, unwrapping the toy boxes and getting everything out, playing trains and cars, bouncing new balls, dancing to Snoopy, etc. We completely forgot about our own gifts and just hunkered down on the floor to play with Jace. It was so freaking awesome. But then again, I think Jace brought out the child in everyone this Christmas. We looked around and our families were just as consumed in the toys as we were, ha. We’re truly so blessed to have such loving families.

P.S. We also used this holiday to start Star Wars! I feel like we’re the last humans on earth who haven’t seen it. So, we started with episodes 4,5 and 6 .. then I sort of want to skip 1-3 and just watch the new one! I hear it’s AH-mazing. Are you a Star Wars fan? I think I’m hooked for life! And how cute is chewbacca?! I might need to get this backpack for Jace. Or maybe for myself ;)

Hope you all had as playful a holiday as us ..  XOXO


Free hugs

IMG_1050When I saw this shirt from Feather 4 Arrow, I had to get it. A baseball tee with a cactus wearing sunglasses? So cute. And it’s seriously the softest shirt I’ve ever felt in my life. So, here are a few shots I captured with my nifty fifty lens from over the weekend.



A little football on Thanksgiving

thumb_IMG_7157_1024After our Thanksgiving meal with my side of the family, my boys went out back to run it off and play a little football!  I have a strong inkling that Jace is going to be really good at any sport that involves a ball. Plus, we have about 50 of them in our house. I just sat on the back patio and watched these guys run back and forth, Rob play tackling him, trying to knock the ball out of his hand; Jace trying to throw the ball down for a touch down and run away. I can’t get over his facial expressions. You might need to zoom in to see them. Such a fun time listening to my little boy breathe all heavy and giggle, and face plant a couple times into the grass, haha. Who knows, we might have a future running back on our hands!

thumb_IMG_7158_1024 thumb_IMG_7159_1024 thumb_IMG_7160_1024 thumb_IMG_7161_1024 thumb_IMG_7162_1024

Activities for Kids, Holidays


IMG_6994Hi friends. Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. We had a great day carving pumpkins (Jace didn’t care to touch or help carve, he just watched ;)) and night with family. A friend of ours hand-me-downed a Captain America toddler costume to us, and if Jace wasn’t such a tall boy it would have fit perfectly! We decided to still make it work, even with the high-water leggings. We then found some cheap printed tees at Kohl’s and played the Captain’s biggest fans! Hahahaha. Jace loved his costume and literally flexed his muscles all night. Even out in the front of the house as people were walking by, ha. He just flexed and growled all night long. My family came over to hang out and help us pass out candy. When the trick-or-treaters started to wean out, we went inside and ended the night with a pumpkin beer taste-testing by our MC for the night – Robby J ;) My favorite was Rogue’s Pumpkin Patch Ale and the Punk-n. And that night was officially the night Jace discovered candy .. the bite size Twix and M&Ms were small and OK .. but the Blow Pop changed my sweet boy to a purple-mouthed crazed devil child. It was like a real-life scientific experiment unfolding before our eyes of what sugar does to children. They literally go insane to keep eating it. Jace was crazed and would spaz out if you tried to take it away from it. Which we eventually did. Thankfully we were able to get him interested in something else, like dinner. Well, no more blow pops or suckers for Jace face! All in all, we had a blast hanging out at home and Jace was a total trooper in dressing up so we could selfishly enjoy his cuteness.

thumb_IMG_6993_1024thumb_IMG_6990_1024 thumb_IMG_6991_1024 thumb_IMG_7003_1024IMG_0068thumb_IMG_7028_1024imagejpeg_0Aunty Pam the butterfly princess with Captain America. So cute!