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Living my best robe life

Just going to preface, that this is me looking back because I realized I had a million blog drafts in my queue! This was me and Callen, sitting in a tree, all maternity leave long! This precious newborn stage was just that. Precious. And I ate him right up. He’s of course 9 months now (whoah!), but still as precious as ever. Tiny and active, and happy and cuddly. We were so blessed to have such a love bug for our third. Thank you, God! Maternity leave the third time around was just as magical as the other two. Thankfully this time around I had a speedy recovery, and Rob at home for most of the leave to tackle all three kiddos with. And this time, Jace wasn’t questioning whether or not we still loved him. He was the big, proud brother, and was thrilled. Walker was so busy that he barely noticed a new baby. Which meant I got to soak up Callen even more and not feel too guilty about the lack of attention on the other two. But, seriously. Maternity leave is the bomb. Or what I like to call, my best robe life. I love robes. I’m a rober. Are you? If not, I highly recommend it. Even if you don’t get to take maternity leave. Just buy one. Of course, it’s not all chill, it’s also a lot of work getting to know your newborn, breastfeeding all day, soothing, rocking, half sleeping, etc. But man, if it isn’t the sweetest time you’ll have with your children. It’s sacred. Well, here’s to me posting pictures I don’t ever want to forget! These are so special to me.  Continue Reading

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Back at the Christmas Tree Farm!

Well, we are jumping right into the holiday season around here. Starting with getting our Christmas tree from none other than our favorite Christmas Tree Farm – Crest Ranch! We wore our layers because when the wind blew, the chill would freeze you to your core! But gosh, what a beautiful day to cut down a Christmas tree and drink hot chocolate. Carting around 2 kids this time around was pretty tricky. Also, random site note, why do I even try to wear the Ergo? Walker just can’t be restrained. He’s a beast that can’t be reckoned with and rather sit in the dirt and touch each speck or twig (or chew on Jace’s trash) >D Anyway, we quickly eyed a tree that was full enough to fill up a corner of our house and after some strong sawing (on Rob’s end) we cut threw a wicked knot and had our tree! It’s a smelly one, too. Jace was more involved with his hot chocolate than finding a tree, but managed to help Rob with some of the action at the end. He’d been looking forward to getting a Christmas tree all week, so of course it was all worth it.  Hope you all are getting excited for the holidays and getting your trees decked out. Our living room is very much a-glow right now and so wonderfully fragrant. This time of year is truly the most magical, with so much to celebrate. More Christmas fun to come (if I can ever get around to documenting it!)

This photo here was right before Jace threw Rob’s coffee on the ground, with no regret and with a smile on his face. Funny how toddlers just do those kinds of things, right? oh-well. We’ve learned to just say “whatever” and move on to the next thing. No use crying over spilled coffee. And Mr. Jace wanted to wear Walker’s little hat and swiftly stole it from him. Go figure. Reminds me of when he wore it as a baby way back. Now my 2nd born is wearing all his hand-me-downs, and it’s so sweet. I just love re-purposing the little sweaters and booties and hats. Brings all kinds of great memories back. Plus, Walker is just delicious right now. I mean, come on! Look at that little drooly face and snotty nose! Ha.

And instead of Rob riding the Christmas tree this year, I decided to make him put it over his head. I’m so thankful he’s game for my crazy photo ideas ;) Also, I totally look 7 months preggo in this pic. Not sure what it is this time, but I’m eating even more food than usual while pregnant. Haha. Oh-well. Growing a human an’t easy!

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This sucks

So, I picked up Jace tonight from day care, and he started crying, his lower lip out, reaching back for Isabel, my day care friend. He didn’t want anything to do with me. It took all of me to not cry in front of Isabel. Then, when I got home, Rob picked him up for a big hug, then I took him back in my arms and he started crying and reaching for Rob. Again, didn’t want anything to do with me. So, I’m pretty much a mess tonight. Decided to not go to the gym. Feeling pretty not important to my son. Feeling like he spends more time at daycare than he does with me. This sucks. Then everything started weighing on me. The dogs, the washer and dryer we need, the airplane tickets we need to buy, the gifts I want to give, the laundry stacking up, the bills to pay, the dirty dishes, the family I’m missing, the months that have flown by. I spiral pretty fast these days. But, then Jace smiled at me, grabbed my face, let me rock him to sleep, and it was all good again. That is, until I have to drop him at daycare in the morning.