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IKEA hack: Shelves made into a vintage piece

ikea-shelves-diy-bar-cart Wanted to share a little IKEA hack a friend of mine told me about. A “hack” if that’s what you call it when you take a cheap IKEA piece of furniture and make it into something even cooler? Like something you’d find at a vintage flea market? Well, this little DIY IKEA shelf was ridiculously easy and can have multipe uses! In our case, I decided to move it into our front room so it could be on display as a bar cart. Rob likes his options for scotch and gin, and me some rose. Add my little pineapple details and it’s complete!

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Our Lady Wood Housewarming Gift

lady-wood-custom-wood-design-home-decor-idea My best friend Heather is trying her hand at something new these days and I’m so excited to show it off. Mainly because it’s now hanging in my new house! Look at this custom wood piece she made for us, with her own hands! It’s seriously amazing. I had family over last night for Thanksgiving and I’m pretty sure everyone commented on how beautiful it was throughout the night. It was also the centerpiece to our feasting table. It’s the perfect stain of wood for our house, and the gold and white just finish it off perfectly. It goes with everything, especially a little greenery. My heart warms every time I see it when I walk in the door.

custom-wood-designs-lady-wood-home-decor-ideas custom-wood-design-home-decor-ideas-southwest-bungalowNow, for the good part! If you’re really interested in getting your OWN custom piece, Heather is starting to take orders. She has officially started a new line of custom wood design, called Lady Wood (which falls under her Heather by Hand shop). As you know, she also does a lot of other custom projects by hand, like calligraphy, water color, retail displays, shelves, and more. If you want to see more, look at her Instagram page. She’s quite the home-maker and traveler. Her little pup, Rudy, is a big part of her brand, too. You’ll never meet a cuter doggy. I’ll be sharing her next piece for us once I hang it in the new nursery;)

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Some shots from our house cooling

img_1726A couple weeks ago we hosted a little house “cooling” and invited a bunch of our friends and family. Because the weather was still cooling down, a friend gave me the idea to just call it a house cooling and have a bunch of cold, freshing drinks and snacks. We threw some beer in a wheel barrel full of ice, put some rose over ice, served otter pops and salsa, and some fresh Papa Murphy’s pizza and called it a day!  Man, we had so many people in our house! Of coures I took NO pictures of the crowd mingling, only these that my sister sent me. It was a busy night of catching up, house tours and scrambling to find more wine for the many guests! Our families hung out for the first part and then friends closed it out. Jace was on cloud nine of course with friends to swim and play water guns with. He also could be found sitting in his favorite blue patio chair, eating an otter pop (of which he had like 20!). Towards the end of the night the temps finally cooled down, and we turned the patio lights on closed down the pool. Such a great afternoon with our Arizona peeps!

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A little video of our house

Oh hey ya’ll! Thought it was time I post a video of our new home! We’ve really been enjoying every minute of it. Even the yard work (which is all we seem to do these days). After putting together some random footage from our first few days in the house to some of the moments over the summer, I realized that we spend about 90% of our time in our back yard, ha! This video is basically what we did all summer long – water gun fights, basketball and the pool! I didn’t capture much of anything else (sorry!). I think our back yard is truly our favorite part of our house .. Jace and Tacoma LOVE it! And can you tell how much I love my coral back door? ;) It’s the perfect accent to our favorite space. Hope you enjoy!


Summer nights

IMG_1453The colors we’ve been seeing at sunset these summer nights have been absolutely gorgeous lately. I give Arizona that. The way the sky cools down, bringing together the array of blues, purples, and peaches. I just want to roll these colors into couch pillows! How do I do that? We’ve been making a point to step out of our air conditioned house at around dusk to watch the sky and see the colors melt into the mountains around us. Sometimes we even go for a stroll around the block to watch the colors change while we chase the bunnies (it’s one of Jace’s favorite things to do ;))