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A little video of our house

Oh hey ya’ll! Thought it was time I post a video of our new home! We’ve really been enjoying every minute of it. Even the yard work (which is all we seem to do these days). After putting together some random footage from our first few days in the house to some of the moments over the summer, I realized that we spend about 90% of our time in our back yard, ha! This video is basically what we did all summer long – water gun fights, basketball and the pool! I didn’t capture much of anything else (sorry!). I think our back yard is truly our favorite part of our house .. Jace and Tacoma LOVE it! And can you tell how much I love my coral back door? ;) It’s the perfect accent to our favorite space. Hope you enjoy!


Summer nights

IMG_1453The colors we’ve been seeing at sunset these summer nights have been absolutely gorgeous lately. I give Arizona that. The way the sky cools down, bringing together the array of blues, purples, and peaches. I just want to roll these colors into couch pillows! How do I do that? We’ve been making a point to step out of our air conditioned house at around dusk to watch the sky and see the colors melt into the mountains around us. Sometimes we even go for a stroll around the block to watch the colors change while we chase the bunnies (it’s one of Jace’s favorite things to do ;))

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Summer at the pool

IMG_1421Oh hey! how are you? Long time no talk. I do that a lot don’t I? Go away and never come back! Well, it’s definitely summer here in Arizona. And, it’s hot. Too hot. Angry hot. The only way I’ve been able to keep my sanity lately is filling up this $40 Costco pool in my back yard. It helps me not complain. No warm, bath-temp water .. just cool, refreshing hose water each time. It’s marvelous, and the perfect size for Jace face, who I’ve yet to enroll in swimming lessons. He loves it as much as we do. I feel a little trailer-park-ish, but whatever, it cools us down when the temps soar over 110. And the pergola overhead is nice, too. It even has cuppies for beer and cushy seats. Pretty legit if you ask me. And it’s all ours! >D

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A coral door

IMG_1068I’ve always dreamed of painting a door in my house a coral color. If we could all be a color in this life, I would be coral. Hands down, the best color in the world. Can’t you tell from my logo? ;) Since the color of my house is fairly neutral, actually I think it’s an “eggplant” color? Not really sure. Probably should go look at some of the extra paint cans lying around in our shed. But nonetheless, it’s neutral enough tint to allow for a happy coral color, so I did it! I painted the dang thing my favorite color! And I’m pretty pleased with it. Except whoever painted this door white to begin with did a horrible job, because there are still droplets of white that I can’t really get rid of around the glass edges. Oh-well. For now I’m going to enjoy this new accent to my back patio and find some comfy patio furniture to go with it … with some dark navy pillows!

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We bought a house. WHAT?!

Soooo … we bought a house. Wait, we bought a house?! Is this for real?! Yes!!! All I can say is it sort of happened out of no where, and it still feels surreal, but we really needed to get out of the rent life and into something we could actually put our money towards that was for us, and not someone else. Something we could call ours and grow our family in. And to be honest, we needed to be more central so we weren’t spending all our time and energy in rush hour traffic. So now we’re officially homeowners, and it all just worked out. We have a square of land and a house that sits on it! We’re in the old Village Grove neighborhood in South Scottsdale .. a little pocket of life right by Papago Park, the Desert Botanical Gardens, and  .. a Burger King!  Our street is really quiet and we’re just a block away from the Arizona cross cut canal (I think that’s the name), I’ve been using it for my night runs and I love it. The house is darling, and thankfully, was mostly move-in-ready. Not a lot of fix up or repair, didn’t have to buy any appliances. It even came stocked with rose bushes, plantation shutters throughout, an awesome sprinkler system in the front and back, and the cushiest carpet you’ll ever step foot on. It’s an older home, with a floor plan I’ve had my eye on since we started house hunting (which was only for like 2 weeks, ha!). I’m working on a little video of our new casa, but until then, here are some shots of my first to-do’s since being in our new house.

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