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IKEA hack: Shelves made into a vintage piece

ikea-shelves-diy-bar-cart Wanted to share a little IKEA hack a friend of mine told me about. A “hack” if that’s what you call it when you take a cheap IKEA piece of furniture and make it into something even cooler? Like something you’d find at a vintage flea market? Well, this little DIY IKEA shelf was ridiculously easy and can have multipe uses! In our case, I decided to move it into our front room so it could be on display as a bar cart. Rob likes his options for scotch and gin, and me some rose. Add my little pineapple details and it’s complete!

img_2621 img_2622 img_2623 fullsizerenderimg_2617What you’ll need:

  1. 1 – Kallax shelf unit from IKEA, in white ($20)
  2. 4 – wood round taper table legs ($2.89 ea)
  3. 4 – heavy duty top plates ($2.73 ea), I foudn square ones at my Home Depot, but these might work, too.
  4. Wood finish oil, in Dark Walnut ($7.77 – cheaper if you can find the smaller size at Home Depot)

From there it’s pretty dang easy. Stain the wooden leg pegs (let dry of course, follow the can instructions), screw (an electric drill is best) the plates to each corner of the top or bottom of the shelves, then screw the legs on. Done. And for only around $50!


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  • Reply Heather January 4, 2017 at 10:24 am

    This looks SO great!! I love how you styled it. I need you to come style mine.

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