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What brings me joy

I’m finally returning to those silly posts about what brings me joy! Here’s what brought me joy last week:

Harper Happenings: Harper’s interpretation dance and song of ‘Call Me Maybe’ melts my heart happy!

Instagram. My fave to follow is Jessica Alba and Urban Grace Interiors.

Saw Adrien Brody at Pebble Beach last Sunday. It made my world.

Downton Abbey. In love.

Our new “cottage” mailbox.

Confetti nails. Might try for my birthday in a few weeks!

This post about giving birth that I’m definitely earmarking for the future. the littlest is so inspiring. 

Fun on Pandora is the best station. Go for it!

Tried a new recipe. However, not sure I’ll eat eggplant again.

Pretty much every day at work. Really liking the new job:)

Lucy’s new hair cut. She’s healthy again and getting her spunk back!

Spin class. The class in Capitola plays the best music to cycle to.

A thank you card from a dear friend.

Any time I see or hear the word Charcuterie. This menu {via bliss blog} and the board of cheeses and meats is as beautiful as ours at Robert Sinskey.

Kristin’s blog. I love “seeing” her every day even though we’re a state away from each other.

Everything on elephantine’s blog lately. And Une-deux senses‘. If you don’t follow these blogs, you should! ;)

Bob Ross Remixed.

Have a great week my friends! Thanks for stopping by:)

Joy, Lately

Owl you need is love

Life lately has been pretty blissful. Lots of dinners at home, beach days, walks with the dogs, lazy evenings on the patio and long conversations. These moments with Rob remind me how thankful I am for our marriage. I saw this picture somewhere on the net and thought it was the cutest thing. How precious are these two owls?!
This move has been nerve-racking but very thrilling at the same time. I’m so happy I have Rob to lean on and explore with. Everything out here is still very new and we’re flying by the seats of our pants half the time. This article suggests that to stay married longer, you should move with your partner – and I totally agree. This move has made us closer than I ever thought possible, even when our stress levels are through the roof. Our friendship is exciting and anew. He really is the best part of my day. I think Kristin can attest to how much one can love another – so much that you want to squish their face! ;) Thanks for letting me share my sappy feelings with you. Have you ever loved someone so much you can’t breath?
This is my favorite song right now – enjoy!

Back to the joy

It’s been about 4 weeks since my last post of joyful things. So, here you go. These are some of the things that brought me joy this week:

This post about orange blossoms. I love them just as much.

Currently obsessing over this song by Hans Zimmer. He is so talented.

Our new couch and antique coffee table. Very beachy.

Um, these jello eggs for Easter look like so much fun!

Have you seen the baby sloth pic? It’s cute but freakish at the same time. hahahaha

The wedding kisses and gowns in this post.

My long run on the beach and phone chat with a friend.

Our new TV. Rob was like a little kid in a candy store when we took it to the check-out line at Costco.

Nienie Dialogues’ new book comes out this week!

Lucy now does a little hop when she’s about to eat. Sort of like this corgi, but not as cute. I do think she’s trimmed a little since being here. And while you’re at it, you should watch the corgi flop, too.

Also toying with the idea of making a Goldendoodle our next dog, after a basset that is.

My mom’s first blog comment. I’m so proud of her for being more adventurous on the web and looking at my blog each week.

My friend Olive has brought me lots of joy this week. Too much to say. She also introduced me to the Donavon Frankenreiter station on Pandora. Very beachy. (I think I’m saying ‘beachy’ too much, lol!)

Tacoma’s face, his ears, and his sprint to the waves.

Excited to try these carrot cake pancakes!

Locked the keys in the truck this week and I totally laughed at myself. I will never poke fun at Robby again for it. I think it’s his truck – it’s cursed to make you forgetful.

This quote. I think I’m like this most days.

My friend Jen was featured on Style Me Pretty! Kristin blogged about it, too.

These natural pet products for your Dog. Especially this tie which Mr. Gus will be receiving soon (once it comes back in-stock).

Urban Rebound @ Studio 831. Amazing work-out!



Here’s what brought me joy last week!

The Bachelor. That show is addicting!

My packing party with my fab 6. A night I’ll never forget.

This post from Nat the Fat Rat. I hope my ladies come out to have brunch with me in Santa Cruz!

These Spring colors.

Fashionable usb bracelets via Mohzy.

A new blog to follow – Elephantine.

Our last Johannes-Thomson dinner with Jack & Kristin.

My morning with my Mom, packing up my kitchen and snacking on breakfast taquitos.

Lucy’s new hair cut. She’s been extra spunky ever since! Guess mats between your toes aren’t too fun. I’m such a bad momma.

Craig’s list. Don’t know what we would have done without it through this move.

Dinner & dancing with my friends. Love them all so much.

BAD Bingo with my work peeps. No one won but I got another night with my friends from the office. And we danced a lot.

Catching up on The Vampire Diaries.

Breakfast with Shannon at The Coffee Shop at Agritopia.

Tears with Heather.

Rob’s news of an interview in San Jose! We’re praying all goes well!

Attire for your dog, inspired by Downtown Abbey.

My other Heather’s new blog design is up! Also designed by @OFF_thegrid.

This will be helpful in California. Plus, I didn’t know there were so many ways to tie a scarf!!!