Joy, Lately

Owl you need is love

Life lately has been pretty blissful. Lots of dinners at home, beach days, walks with the dogs, lazy evenings on the patio and long conversations. These moments with Rob remind me how thankful I am for our marriage. I saw this picture somewhere on the net and thought it was the cutest thing. How precious are these two owls?!
This move has been nerve-racking but very thrilling at the same time. I’m so happy I have Rob to lean on and explore with. Everything out here is still very new and we’re flying by the seats of our pants half the time. This article suggests that to stay married longer, you should move with your partner – and I totally agree. This move has made us closer than I ever thought possible, even when our stress levels are through the roof. Our friendship is exciting and anew. He really is the best part of my day. I think Kristin can attest to how much one can love another – so much that you want to squish their face! ;) Thanks for letting me share my sappy feelings with you. Have you ever loved someone so much you can’t breath?
This is my favorite song right now – enjoy!
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