I don’t get sick

But somehow, I am. And I can’t kick it. Usually I feel sicky for a couple days, drink a Gatorade, pop some Advil Cold & Sinus and whatever it is, is gone. Not this time. It’s here to stay. Rob has been avoiding me like the plaque, and sleeping on the couch. Not cool. I feel like Monica from Friends. Especially the part where I want to get lovey but start coughing uncontrollably.

Have you heard of the Greek/Scandinavian cure for the cough? 2 Tablespoons each of honey, lemon juice and whiskey. Heat it and shoot it. I tried it last night (twice) and it was delicious! I think it worked.. . up until about 2 a.m. when I started coughing again and had to get the Vicks out. Bleh.

What are your cures for the common head cold? And the coughs?

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