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Friends, Napa Valley

Pink pearl & Oxbow market

Have you ever bitten into a pink pearl apple? At Robert Sinskey, I got to pick one right from the tree branch and eat it. To my surprise, when I bit in, the flesh was pink! It was so crisp and sweet {just the right amount of sour}. We were all intrigued and then infatuated {two “i” words there for you}!

{Photo by One Pretty Place}

Before we headed back to Santa Cruz to meet up with the boys, we stopped at the Oxbow Market in downtown Napa… and guess what we found more of? Pink pearl apples! So, we bought some; see below.

It was the perfect end to our Napa getaway. These apples are so cool – see if you can find them in a market or farmer’s market near you!

Friends, Napa Valley

“You take a Napa, you don’t go to Napa”

In our case, we did! This quote, along with many others, had us smiling and giggling during our Napa getaway. Some of my favorite girls came up from Phoenix to sip wine in Napa and see the new little town we live in. I was so excited to go to Napa; I’ve always wanted to go. I’m a lover of red wine {and California} so it was perfect when I could experience it for the first time with my good friends. I’m going to admit, I took awful pictures in Napa. Just awful. So, I’m going to send you to Kristin’s blog for all the details. She documented each winery outing and her pictures are beautiful.

Our first stop was Robert Sinskey, then Frog’s Leap, Grgich Estate and Folie a Deux. Here were some of the highlights:

Robert Sinskey – the biodynamic and organic garden & vineyard, charcuterie and Four Vineyards Pinot Noir was lovely. Kristin’s narration is nice, too.

By Frog’s Leap, we were all a little warm. Sweating even. Walking onto Frog’s Leap was like walking onto the plantation – charming staff, shady, wrapping porch, rocking chairs on the patio, more organic gardens and vines, and best of all – corn hole! It was such a beautiful day. Kristin’s pictures are here.

 Grgich Estate wasn’t as exciting as the first two, plus my pictures were fretful. The only one I was proud of was the one of Kimmy and I:
And I took NONE at Folie a Deux, so you’ll have to head to Kristin’s blog for those pics. It was the best weekend with my friends. Don’t know what I’d do without them!
Friends, Napa Valley, Santa Cruz

What a weekend

This past weekend our good friends from Arizona came for a visit. The girls headed to Napa and the boys back to Santa Cruz. I can’t get over how wonderful the weekend was. I miss them all so much already… it was hard to say goodbye. We feel truly blessed to have these people in our lives and look forward to the next time we can all be together.
More to come!