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Doughnut Dolly & a birthday

While we were in Temescal, we stopped by Doughnut Dolly for some amazingly delicious, filled-to-order doughnuts. I decided on a combo of the naughty cream and strawberry jam ..  and then watched the {sweet} owner, Hannah, inject my doughnut with both. The naughty cream, in case you’re curious, is a vanilla bean cream. Seriously incredible. Later in the day we actually went back for more, but they sold out by 2pm!  Doughnut Dolly, please open up a shop in Santa Cruz! I will work for you for free if you do.

We took our cream-filled doughnuts and iced coffee out to the patio and cheered to Loni’s birthday — May Tird! ;)
{the birthday girl! Love you Lon!}
Favorite, Oakland

A book signing with Lisa Congdon

After Temescal Alley, us girls zipped up a few blocks to College Ave. for a book signing with illustrator and blogger, Lisa Congdon {and her dog Wilfredo, too!}. She’s illustrated for biggies like The Museum of Modern Art, Martha Stewart, The Land of Nod, The Obama Campaign and more. She has some mad hand lettering skills, among so many others. And I got to see her hand lettering in action as she signed my copy of Whatever You Are, Be a Good One — and with a sharpie! Lisa is down-to-earth and warm and flat out a happy person. So inspiring!

After we immediately went to the flower shop down the way and picked some pretties out. Guess we were inspired for some more color in our lives, ha.

Friends, Oakland

Temescal alley

This past weekend, I went up to Oakland for the day with my girls. Our first stop was Temescal Alley. It’s so small you’ll almost miss it, but definitely worth strolling through. In this little alley way, you’ll find a handful of unique, local artisan shops – a cafe and the Temescal Alley Barber Shop. Who knew Oakland had so much character?!  15 minutes later, I walked out with a small indoor plant for my bookshelves and some sweet dreams tea.

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Fitz & the Tantrums

Went and saw Fitz & the Tantrums in Oakland last night with Heather and am still on a high from the show. It was AMAZING. They sure know how to put on a show. I have a total girl crush on Noelle Scaggs now. She has some mad tambourine skills and dance moves. And Michael Fitzpatrick. Wow. Those vocals! And I just learned that his white strip of hair is actually from his birthmark. How cool is that?! It was such a fun night with friends. Heather and I totally bought T-shirts like crazed fans. Felt like we were teenagers again. We danced our butts off . . . great night!

 {Heather & Leslie — love these two!}
Have you been to any great concerts lately? Please share!