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Doughnut Dolly & a birthday

While we were in Temescal, we stopped by Doughnut Dolly for some amazingly delicious, filled-to-order doughnuts. I decided on a combo of the naughty cream and strawberry jam ..  and then watched the {sweet} owner, Hannah, inject my doughnut with both. The naughty cream, in case you’re curious, is a vanilla bean cream. Seriously incredible. Later in the day we actually went back for more, but they sold out by 2pm!  Doughnut Dolly, please open up a shop in Santa Cruz! I will work for you for free if you do.

We took our cream-filled doughnuts and iced coffee out to the patio and cheered to Loni’s birthday — May Tird! ;)
{the birthday girl! Love you Lon!}
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