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Family, Rio Del Mar, Santa Cruz

Auntie Pam came to visit!

My sister came just in time for the first big storm we’ve had in months! It rained every day while she was here, which allowed for more time inside with little Jace, warm food and the final episodes of Breaking Bad I’d be holding out on until her arrival. I loved having my sister here, she was such a big help. She made us her famous macaroni & cheese one night, and a new hershey kiss cookie recipe – held baby boy, changed diapers, bought flowers and candles for the beach house — and more! We still got out as much as possible though, so we didn’t go stir crazy at the beach house {more on that later}.

The beach by our house was completely demolished from the storm. We ventured out on Pam’s last day to check it out and watch the waves. If you’re not a local, you of course won’t be able to tell the true damage or disarray caused from the storm, but we sure could. Water came all the way up to the walking path, which never has sand on it! A lot of the path is blocked off because of the water damage. Although it was a little gloomy while Pam was here, the rain was so nice to listen to at night, and everything outside smells so fresh. Rocking a baby to sleep is far more enjoyable when you have the rain and waves to listen to.

{Jace and his “sand buggy” ha!}
{Thanks for all your help, Pamsy! We miss you already!}
Aptos, Rio Del Mar

Coffee date in Rio Del Mar

Saturday we woke up to birds chirping and felt the urge to go down to the beach. Rio Del Mar has a great path along the beach for long walks with coffee in hand – cute beach bars, cute beach houses and lots of drift wood {which is great since I’m collecting it for a project at home}. It’s definitely one of our favorite beaches. If you want to get out of a coffee shop or the house, take coffee somewhere local where you can walk and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! It’s so fun.