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S’more pops

Us girls at the studio threw our friend, Loni, a little campsite-themed picnic at the park in town to celebrate her birthday! We basically went camping for an hour — flannels, tent, picnic table, hot dogs, hamburgers — the works. I was tasked with making the birthday dessert: S’more pops! They are SO easy and SO delicious. I let mine sit at room temperature for a little bit before the party and they were perfect. Soft and chocolate-y and semi-melty from the warm temps in San Juan Bautista. Just as good as a real s’more if you ask me.

Here’s what you’ll need for the s’more pops:

– white cake pop {candy?} sticks
– regular sized Marshmallows
– Baker’s dipping chocolate
– crumbled graham crackers
– parchment paper
– wood platter for presentation ;)

Instructions: Poke each marshmallow with a stick. Microwave the Baker’s chocolate tub. Dip half the marshmallow in the melted chocolate. Sprinkle the graham cracker crumble onto the chocolate part. Set it down on the wax paper. Then serve anytime after that! Like I said, SO easy. It was so fun celebrating Loni. Love her to pieces.

{I <3 these chicks}
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