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Santa Cruz

A quick trip to the Boardwalk

thumb_IMG_6312_1024On our last day in the Cruz over the 4th, we took the trolly down to the Boardwalk to give Jace one more visit to the beach. I didn’t get my fried oreo or corn dog like normal, but I got to watch Jace be a wild man on the beach. He stole a volleyball, lost some toys in the ocean and got stuck in the sand. It was awesome. It was also interesting changing him on the sidewalk in front of the whole world. Good thing we ended this last trek to the beach with some 1020 ice-cream from Marianne’s. I sure do miss our life in California and that exciting boardwalk. And the smell of the ocean and the cool breeze. Everything. For now, I’ll hold on to pictures and memories!

thumb_IMG_6313_1024 thumb_IMG_6315_1024

IMG_6024p.s. Jace’s pineapple shirt and trunks are both from Old Navy ;)

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4th of July in Santa Cruz + a video

I finally compiled all of the video footage from our trip to Santa Cruz for the 4th of July. It was so wonderful going back to our old stomping grounds and seeing all of our friends. New babies, new stories and new experiences for little man. He was so excited to see the beach, it was adorable. He didn’t want to leave that ocean. What I didn’t include in the video was him crying when we took him out of the water, hahahaha. I sure do miss those trees and the smell of the ocean. Miss it so much it hurts. And of course the people. They’re the best part. Love you girls (and guys!) so much. It was truly one of the best 4th of Julys ever.

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Our curious toddler

IMG_6029My friend Heather put this photo collage together for me from the 4th. It’s the perfect example of our curious little toddler. This little 18 month old of mine is testing his limits in all kinds of new ways. He’s beginning to get easily frustrated too and wants to slap or hit. Not sure where that came from, but I guess when you have adults holding you back from doing things and going places you want to go or sticking your finger in electrical sockets or hearing “no”, you get a little upset. But more than anything, he’s just super curious. One little thing will lead to another. From dental floss and doggy doors to bathtub drains and fish bowls. His hands are everywhere. Keeps us on our toes for sure! And his little hands are starting to reach further too, including onto the stove! I felt horrible when I wasn’t on top of it one night until it was too late and he had touched a hot pan. Little boy got a small burn but it was nothing we couldn’t remedy fairly quickly with some ice packs and aloe vera. Time to start using the back burners. He’s my curious little boy and I love it. I just hope I can teach him patience and manners along the way.

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Celebrating Christmas and our holiday in Arizona

Christmas came and went faster than ever this year. We just got home from our trip to see family and friends in Arizona and are pretty dazed. If that’s a word. We’re pooped. Between the holiday shopping and travel and work schedules, we did our best to do a few things to keep the spirit of Christmas glowing in our hearts.  I didn’t do half as much as I wanted to, like watch Hook, finish David Sedaris’ Holidays on Ice, make Jace’s first year ornament, decorate a Gingerbread house out of berries, etc., etc. My Christmas cards were rushed {but fairly clever!} — my gifts were last minute {literally day-of sometimes} — my flight was almost missed — my luggage delayed — my hair a mess. It was a scrambling, rushed holiday. I obviously over did it. And to my dismay, I caught a nasty stomach virus over the holiday, and then gave it to everyone around me, including little Jace. On the bright side, we were spoiled with love from our family and friends and that alone made up for all the hustle and bustle and sicknesses and stress. It’s really the best time of the year and there is so much to celebrate – the birth of Jesus, the Christ and the promise of grace and hope forever more. So, what am I complaining about, right? Right. Here are the fews things we DID do to celebrate here in Cali and in Arizona: 

One of our little Christmas outings was to the lighted boat parade in Santa Cruz at the harbor with some good friends. It was so much fun. Love the smell of that ocean!

We had some friends and family pass through. Surprise visitors are the best. Jace loves Krista & Gus! ;)

Rob enjoyed his seasonal beers ;) 

And little boy had his first ear infection early in December and did a lot of face-down, butt in the air motions. I think it helped his head.
Holiday work part-ay!! Full of food, sushi, games and the money tree! 

My Dad and Jace waiting with me at the Phoenix airport for my luggage that didn’t make it on my flight. 3 hours later :( Thank God for Starbucks. 

Oregano’s to the rescue, after a long travel day. 

My little reindeer xoxo…

Christmas Eve with the Johannes. I truly love it when our families come together to eat and exchange stories and gifts. So heartwarming to see Jace among all of his Grandpas, Grandmas, Great-Grandmas, and Uncles & Aunts. And our holiday specs were so rad. 

Christmas #2 in Cottonwood with Rob’s Mom, step-father and Tay & Ri. We made gingerbread houses, ate a ton of great food and strolled through Jerome before heading back to Phoenix. Such a nice visit and so comfy, too! 

Biggest coffee cup ever! Thanks Tayler. 

Miss Tayler made us the most thoughtful scrapbook of Jace’s first year. I can’t even imagine how many hours she must have spent on it. It’s beautiful. In it is this quote about family and it couldn’t be more perfect:

“Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future” – Gail Lumet Buckley

Thanks, Tayler. we love you so much. 
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An afternoon on the Santa Cruz pier

Christmas is in high gear around these parts. December is already flying by. It’s quiet in my house tonight, the tree is glowing, Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red is on shuffle and I’m going through all of the pictures from our Sunday on the Santa Cruz pier with Heather. Jace’s first Christmas. Wow. This little sweetheart of mine is already 10 months & 2 weeks. I can barely keep up. He is so smiley. I am truly so blessed to have him. He is such a bundle of love.

This last one might be my most favorite. It’s so us and how we are with Jace. We’re constantly giddy and smiling around him. We’re all a bunch of hams. And then there’s Jace, always taking the hugs and kisses we smother him with. Until he’s over it and wants to crawl on the pier and ooh and aah at the seagulls. Thank you so much Heather for capturing all these little family moments for us. We love you!