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Our curious toddler

IMG_6029My friend Heather put this photo collage together for me from the 4th. It’s the perfect example of our curious little toddler. This little 18 month old of mine is testing his limits in all kinds of new ways. He’s beginning to get easily frustrated too and wants to slap or hit. Not sure where that came from, but I guess when you have adults holding you back from doing things and going places you want to go or sticking your finger in electrical sockets or hearing “no”, you get a little upset. But more than anything, he’s just super curious. One little thing will lead to another. From dental floss and doggy doors to bathtub drains and fish bowls. His hands are everywhere. Keeps us on our toes for sure! And his little hands are starting to reach further too, including onto the stove! I felt horrible when I wasn’t on top of it one night until it was too late and he had touched a hot pan. Little boy got a small burn but it was nothing we couldn’t remedy fairly quickly with some ice packs and aloe vera. Time to start using the back burners. He’s my curious little boy and I love it. I just hope I can teach him patience and manners along the way.

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  • Reply Heather August 4, 2015 at 7:43 am

    This sequence of photos still totally cracks me up! It’s so much fun to see his brain working and growing :)

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