Cher Joy

Cher joy

Hi friends! Hope you’re all enjoying the start of Spring in your neck of the woods. It’s absolutely gorgeous here right now, so many different flowers in bloom. The days are the perfect balance of warm and cold. I try to get out with Jace in the stroller to get a little bit of tanning in, since I’m currently the shade of pale white. We had my parents with us last week and saying goodbye wasn’t easy. It was so wonderful having them here. Baby boy got lots of extra kisses and snuggles in! This parenting thing has been quite the adventure so far. Some days are SUPER easy, and I think, “wow, this is a piece of cake, maybe I’ll paint my toenails, read one of the 50 magazines I ordered”. Other days I look like I’m cracked out, crying and a little delusional {picture to come later if I can remember to snap one of myself}. When he screams my stomach gets all in knots. I hate when he gets upset and I don’t know what’s wrong. Usually he’s hungry {he’s now over 12 lbs, jeez!} or what I agree is the “4th trimester” syndrome, his wanting to be cradled in the womb still. But I’m hanging in there and working all the tactics to keep little boy happy, and trying to sleep when he sleeps. Having my parents here to help rock, hold and entertain him while Rob’s at work has been awesome, and so helpful to me. And their company is always nice, too ;) Can’t believe little boy is already 5 weeks old. I’ve been at this parenting thing for 5 weeks?! What?! Still surreal. Well, here were some of the highlights from my week last week:



1. My {posing} parents in the Cruz!
2. Anniversary dinner out with Rob {thanks M&D for babysitting!}. Happy 6 years, love!
3. My Jace burrito.
4. Steak chili from sweet friends {thank you, Lissette & Curtis!}
5. This view, and the smell. Amazing.

Have a wonderful week friends!

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