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I’m at the tail end of my Sunday and feeling exhausted. Oh, I know why. Mr. Jace face. Sleeping in on the weekends doesn’t happen anymore. Even napping is getting rare with Jace, a.k.a. party all day {sleep all night {why am I complaining?}}. Weekends are so wonderful that I end of trying to do too much. And with a baby it makes the weekend all that more exhausting, ha. We have a busy week ahead of us, a lot of client meetings for me, and an anniversary for Rob at work. I head to Arizona to see my family and friends later this week and am super anxious. I can’t wait to pass Jace all around and see friends. Should be a great time. Well, even with little sleep I got {my own fault!}, here’s what brought me joy last week:



1. Late nights in bed together. Me – half reading my new book, half doing my Intro to Digital Media class homework; him – looking for rentals.
2.  My Friday with Jace. I’m officially part-time and Fridays are my new day to stay home {and try not to work, ha}. I only cried twice ;)
3. Rob and I enjoyed a date night at the new Cantine in downtown Aptos to celebrate our 14 yr anniversary! 14 years. Holy crap. 14 years ago he held hands with me on the way to our first class, lacing our fingers a certain way, and asked me to be his girlfriend. He is still that cheesy to this day, which I’m so thankful for.
4. Sunday morning in bed with my boys, not wanting to get out of bed, wishing I could just spend all day in bed. That sky light is great, but sort of the devil at the same time.
Have a wonderful week friends!
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