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How in the world can it be September already. Where did this summer go?? I feel like I haven’t been documenting enough on this here blog. A blog I truly cherish and look back on. So, what have we been up to? So much that it’s a blur. Just this week I was thinking we hadn’t really done a lot this summer, compared to the last two summers here in California, but we really have. Looking back, no wonder it’s September. These last few months of summer have been jam packed. What was I thinking?! Ha. Here’s a photo explosion of our busy summer of friends, family, weekends and travel:

{We kicked off summer with a beach day with friends. We barbecued, played in the sand; passed the babies around and just visited until it was time to go to Marianne’s for ice-cream.}

{Mornings on the weekends were our favorite over summer, especially when we went out for breakfast!}

{Rob traveled back to Arizona to spend his 30th with his boys and family.}

{Aunt Tara came to visit. Somehow this is the only picture I have of her. Sad. We had such a blast. Love her so much.}

{Friends from New York came out, and Jace became new buds with James. Sarah and Anthony might have been our favorite guests of all time. I’ll be sharing a recipe they made for us with you soon.}
{Some of my ladies came out from Arizona. We spent the day in Carmel, multitasking.}
{Spent the 4th on the north shore of Tahoe. What an adventure driving there & back over the holiday, but totally worth it in my mind. King’s Beach was breathtaking. Had a great time with my family. Glad we got to experience that blue water together.}
  {And yup, we totally saw and met Christian from Nip Tuck on the 4th; a.k.a. Julian McMahon. Took a couple Sierra Nevadas for us to build up the courage to say hi to him though.}
{Chopped my hair off.}
{Jace started at Sunday school and it was a total success. They put him on their hip as the greeter. I was so proud.}
{Grandma & Grandpa came out to spend a weekend with us. What a great time. We love them so much.}
{I said goodbye to my Corolla and upgraded to a bigger, safer vehicle. Suffering from a small case of buyer’s remorse.}

{Rob started playing basketball on Tuesdays and had the occasional poker night with the guys}

{Finally ran in the Wharf to Wharf. Our neighbors got us super pumped up for it, and we pulled Heather into it, too! It was SO MUCH FUN! And such a beautiful run along the coast.}



{Posting this one for you, honey. Enjoy world.}
{We have a full team at the studio again. I love these faces so much.}
{No reason for this one. Just really liked my bed head that morning, ha.}
{Jace in the mornings is the sweetest thing. He’s so happy and lovey. It takes us forever to get around in the morning. All we want to do is cuddle in bed, leaving us 30 minutes to power through getting ready for work.}
 {Sidebar: have you smelt the Lavender Up & Up baby wipes? Absolutely lovely.}
{Someone’s finally getting some hair! I see a blondie coming our way.}
{The jasmine in our back yard grew pretty well over the summer. Covered the stench of dog in the back, for a few minutes.}
{Lucy went in for a grooming. This was the before picture. We tipped really well that trip.}
{Some more randoms of Jace. He’s too sweet.}
 {At church . . . in his boat shoes. Love.}
{Oh, and I joined a soccer league this summer. Hadn’t played since middle school, but joined so I could get running [sprinting] again. The girls are so nice and have the best of patience with me as I learn the game. Soccer is hard, yo! We ended up getting 2nd place in the league overall. Fall season started this week, so more running and learning for this girl to do. Go Toros!}
{Santa Cruz Shakespeare — went with friends to The Merry Wives of Windsor. So enjoyable. The wives were the best part ;). Highly recommend!}

{Heather’s birthday on the beach!}

{My favorite blue eyes at work}

{These girls…}
 {…are too much.}
 {OK, they’re really working on this one <3}
{Jace in his fox shorts. Pretty sure he’ll grow out of these quick, so I had to capture them!}
{Jace grew into his little high chair over this summer. Now we can all eat together as a family. Agghhhh! And the khaki color is absolutely perfect.}
{Auntie Tayler came to visit. Had the best time. I miss this girl so much. Such a kind soul.}
{Helped organize the backpack drive at our church this summer. We received 100 backpacks – awesome!}
{Ran in the Race thru the Redwoods in Felton. What an amazing route — under and literally through the redwoods, prancing dear in the meadows, majestic rivers. Too beautiful.}


{After we had a free pancake breakfast at the Felton fire station! Almost better than the race if you ask me, hahaha}


{Sweaty best friends}

{More family came into town — Jace got to meet his 2nd Great Grandma!}

{We took the family to the Begonia Festival — crazy packed but worth all the pretty {& free} begonias. Will post more family pics later!}

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  • Reply Heather September 15, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    I miss the Schipper girls faces :( Love the pic of Margie and Jace!!

    Sidenote: we should take more pictures when we hang out and are NOT sweaty messes. Thanks in advance ;)

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