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Easter Morning

thumb_IMG_0737_1024 Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. Our little family had truly a wonderful Easter Sunday. Such a special day in our hearts and all that more enjoyable to rejoice with family. Easter morning we surprised Jace with his basket, then headed over to my parent’s house for brunch and an Easter egg hunt. Somehow I didn’t get any family shots in. Typical me, right? The only person I tend to capture is Mr. Jace these days. But I guess I should get us in some pictures sooner or later! Next time ;) My mom had an amazing feast prepared for us. The ham was mouth-watering good — I don’t know if it was the glaze or cooking time, but it was life changing. Biscuits and gravy, over easy eggs, the whole thang. Jace of course made out like a bandit. And this was only at one Grandparent’s house. Later we hopped on over to Rob’s family’s house for another feast and egg hunt. So much fun! Until next time, God bless! 


And, see Jace’s jelly “bean!” discovery here.

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