Cher Joy

Cher Joy

Hi friends. Happy spring to you! The orange blossoms are blooming here in AZ and every where you go you can smell them. I love it. It’s been a fairly hot Spring for us, mid-90’s. Thought I’d give this little here blog of mine some attention. I don’t get on as much as I’d like, but definitely want to keep documenting. The days go so fast, and I want to remember the best parts of them. It’s been a chill weekend for us, as you can tell from my nap picture above ;) I’ve got Nicki Bluhm on shuffle, snacking on Roasted tomatillo salsa and chips and am about to start some cleaning. Hope you’re all having a good March and let’s do this again next weekend! Here’s what brought me joy this past week, in case you’re interested.

1. Orchids from my man. He had some making up to do ;) But so pretty and sweet all the same.

IMG_0624 2.  Monday I volunteered at St. Vincent De Paul’s local farm. We picked radishes, grazed on cauliflower, snap peas, celery, mint and carrots .. pulled out flowered veggies, composted and then carried in cartons of vegetables to St. Vincent’s kitchen for meals for families to pick up later. Such a beautiful morning .. best way to start the week. Would KILL to have a garden of my own like this. So awesome. And yes, that’s the I-10 right next to it. Crazy to see that kind of soil just south of the airport.


3. A friend gave Jace this puppy stuffed animal when we lost our little Lucy (still not ready to talk about that), and he likes to take it everywhere, it’s particularly his pal while we drive. He hugs him so tight and says “my pappy”! It’s the cutest thing. I love listening to Jace word chatter. He’s so close to saying words fully, and putting sentences together.


4. My boys yesterday at the Chandler BBQ Festival. Rob loves that he can put Jace up on his shoulders now without the scare of him falling back. Jace has always been solid, he just has better balance now; Rob just hangs on to his ankles. Had such a blast . . . !


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  • Reply Heather March 21, 2016 at 7:10 am

    I have missed your Cher Joy posts so much! Love that pic of Jace in his car seat with his Pappy ;)

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