Exciting news!

NO… I’m not pregnant.

The Pioneer Woman now has her own show on the Food Network!!!!! As soon as I read the words on her blog I started jumping around and ran to my phone. I then called Robby and started screaming. I watched the first mini- webisode and am already IN LOVE! Just to hear Marlboro Man TALK is exciting!!! Ree Drummond is darling. I might need to call COX Cable and ask them to turn my cable back on for this. Oh, I’m so thrilled right now I can barely contain myself!!!! I actually feel kind of nauseated.

Without a doubt I will be watching.

In other news, another favorite of mine, Whitney Duncan, will be on the next Survivor! CRAZY!!! My heart is bursting with happiness right now.

Starts Sept. 14th while I’m in Europe so I’ll have a lot to catch up on when I get back.

Alright, I must go. My stomach is in knots!

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