I just had a very needed conversation with a good friend and my heart is finally at peace. I love this feeling, but I HATE the crying that came with it. Our tears were much needed, but it was still sad. It just reminds me how important communication is between friends. Sometimes I would rather hide my feelings than say anything that might hurt someone else’s feelings. But I think it was time to really get it all out, because ultimately you’ll find how similar you really are. How their challenges and faults are the same as yours.

I hope that if any of you are feeling conflicted with a friendship that you speak from the heart instead of holding it all in, like I did with this friend. I learned my lesson and think things could have been resolved a lot sooner if I had just scheduled a lunch to talk. Silly me. I’m a little ashamed actually for avoiding her and swallowing my feelings. For not being more honest.

I can now go to sleep tonight knowing that our friendship is still intact and that we both still care so much. That our friendship lives on as strong as ever.

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