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Fun at the Lake

A few weeks back we went with our friends Kim & Mac to their family’s lake house in… I can never remember the city so I’m going to say it was north of Phoenix. We’ve been up to this house quite a few times and always have so much fun. I really love these weekends with Kim especially. We’ll just float in the water and catch up on life. We’ll sip on drinks and giggle about anything and everything. I’ll watch her ski and hide from the sun; she’ll watch me wake board and bask in the sun. Instead of getting all crazy on the boat, I decided this time to just lounge around, swim, and take pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here were some I took!

Rob caught the football off the dock.

A lot.

Like, the whole time.

And I got to see Kim slalom ski! This is her first year at it. Look at her smile!

And of course, Mac’s an expert.

Kim is so sweet, and such an amazing friend. She brings me so much joy! I look forward to many more weekend getaways to come!

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