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Gift idea for Easter: Mini kitchen sink carrot cakes

It’s tradition in my house to make {& eat} carrot cake on Easter. I have a pretty wicked obsession with carrot cake. And pumpkin pie, too, for that matter. . . But Easter calls for carrot cake, and as you know, last year I made Joy the Baker’s Kitchen Sink Carrot Cake and thought it was AMAZING, so I made it again this year. You know, where you grate the carrots, pack in all the goods, whisk eggs, sift powdered sugar, etc. It’s pretty time-consuming, but so worth it. However, I know that if I have a whole bundt cake in my kitchen, with cream cheese frosting on it, I’m most likely going to eat the whole thing. So, because I’m trying to lose this baby pouch, I decided to make mini cakes to share with friends and our neighbors. The mini, large cup cakes weren’t as moist as if a bundt cake, but still delicious. I added a little garnish and hand delivered them on Easter . . and then sat down to one myself with a huge glass of milk. It was the perfect end to our first Easter as a family.

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  • Reply Sis May 1, 2014 at 12:56 am

    Ummm yummm!! Wish I could have had one ;) love you

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