Bloom Theory Shop … I’ll have one of each, please

Have you all seen these scarf // camera straps?! Well, if not, here they are. The girls from Bloom Theory really have something unique here. I bought my camera 3+ years ago and have YET to buy a camera strap. I still use the Canon strap that came with the camera and it’s pretty lame. I’ve been shopping for a strap forever it seems like, but every one I pick out, I worry it won’t go with an outfit or will be too clunky. But these? Goodness, they’re gorgeous. I’m afraid I’d need one of each though, to go with every outfit. Guess that’s how they hook you! But in all honesty, I would love to have any one of these.  They’re so dang clever. What camera straps are you loving out there these days?? I’m also drawn to just the classic, leather camera strap, in a great, solid color.  Might be more versatile.




{pictures borrowed from the Bloom Theory Shop website. You can find more here.}


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