Jace at 5 months

Baby blue eyes is 5 months. Gol. Time is flying. He is just about sitting up on his own, prefers to sleep out of the swaddle now and on his side, loves his back rubbed. He is still a hot little guy, he sweats in the car seat, in the bed, in his stroller. Every where. The back of his mullet hair is always wet from sweat, ha. He still loves to observe everyone and gaze into eyes. He can almost hold his own bottle, is starting to eat baby food {sweet potatoes and bananas!} and wants everything in his mouth. Oh, and he’s definitely teething — if he’s not sweating he’s drooling. Hates the “binkie” and has officially found his thumb. Sleeping and napping is so wonderful with him. He’ll rest his head on your pillow, stare into your eyes, then slowly fall asleep. It melts my heart. To wake up and see his little face. He still is sleeping all through the night and can even fall asleep on his own to just a little music. We seriously have been so incredibly blessed to have such a happy-go-lucky boy. He isn’t afraid of anyone yet and will offer a smile to anyone who is goofy and friendly enough. He is such a bundle of love. Our bundle of love. And boy do we love him. Can’t even stand it.  Pretty sure he’s addicted to kisses and cuddles and wiggles. Or, maybe we are.

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