Jace at 6 months

This boy is what life is about. I’m still so in love with the baby stage and am eating him up. He is well over 6 months now and doing a lot! Sitting up, rolling around, tummy timing all the time, slapping, pulling, holding things, sneaking his thumb in his mouth sometimes . . bouncing around and kicking his feet. He’s going to love being mobile once he gets there. He’s doing this cute nose crinkle thing when he smiles his cheese smile at us, or before he’s about to cry. He’s exploring his voice a lot more, likes to try to copy our noises and is all about his toys. He observes everything and waits anxiously to lock eyes with someone so he can give them a big smile. He is doing good at daycare {playing lots} and still sleeping all through the night. He sleeps in 10 different positions at night, preferably on his belly or side. He rolls around all night. Sometimes we have to go in there to make sure he’s breathing, because who sleeps on their face, right?! He is such a loon. I think he’s the absolute cutest when he sleeps, especially in his car seat. I have a hard time focusing on the road when I could be looking in my mirror at his sweet little face, so peaceful. {But, of course I keep it together and get us around as safely as I can!}. His giggle is still contagious as ever and cannot wait until his Dr. appt this week so I can see how long this boy is. He seems so long to me! Bigger hands and toesies now, almost growing out of his boat shoes, already {what?!}! I will be saving those Sperry’s for life. OK, that’s about it for now… Did I annoy you enough?! hahaha

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  • Reply Heather August 28, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    I love how his little tongue is always sticking out!! Miss him… can we PLEASE plan a get-together soon? I need to squish his face.

  • Reply Nichole Viles August 29, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    That is one CUTE baby! I just want to kiss him!

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