Jace Face Friday

Jace’s first trip to the Dentist

Yeah, that’s right. My son is 4 and I’m now just taking him to the dentist for the first time. Im pretty much the worst parent in the world. I did not know they could go as early 2! I’m so stupid. And I have definitely learned from this first experience because my little man has like 10 cavities! I could cry. I feel so bad for the kid and in this case, it was totally on us not cracking the whip sooner or more often. Who only lets their kid brush their teeth once a day?! Me. Just horrible. No more! Time to get serious. Twice a day, using the flosser thingy and more fluoride! But nonetheless, they took amazing care of him and he actually had a blast. He didn’t want to leave. Crazy right?! The staff was incredible, and there were toys galore so Jace felt right at home. They even let him pick out prizes after. I was so surprised that he did everything they asked him to, too. He was such a rockstar, I was so proud of him. But my eyes wanted to tear up knowing what’s in store for him with the shots to come. One appointment at a time for sure. Fingers crossed.

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