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IMG_3278 Oh heyyyy. Cheryl here. Just waiting around for this baby to come out. I’m 39 weeks, come on baby! What have I been doing to kill the time you ask?? .. Aside from STILL working, just doing everything I can to induce labor at home, hahahaha. Including grueling games of ping pong, long walks on the canal (until I have to turn around and go home and pee!) and pulling weeds and cleaning up our yard. Also, I’m eating a lot food (like Matt’s Big Breakfast, OMG!) and going to bed early with Jace. He insists on wearing his glasses like Momma. My body is feeling pretty wacky at this point. I know something’s building, because I’m starting to swell in places.  I just wish I knew WHEN it would happen. The suspense is killing me. And so is my back. I’m going to try doing some lunges next, some spicy food .. anything at this point.

IMG_3221 IMG_3224 IMG_3274IMG_3281IMG_3272 IMG_3246 IMG_3239

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  • Reply Heather March 30, 2017 at 7:27 am

    OMG Jace in his glasses!!! So cute. Love seeing Tacoma so happy, too. What a big sweetie pie he is. Miss you so much, and can’t wait to meet Walker! xoxoxo

  • Reply Nichole March 30, 2017 at 8:08 am

    You look great Cheryl! Walker will be here soon!!! I absolutely love the picture of you can Jace with his “glasses” on! Love you guys!

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