Letterpress, Salinas

Meet Alissa Bell

Last week I got to spend a lovely afternoon with Alissa Bell. She is this wonderful and sweet letterpress artisan, whose story is not only inspiring, but rather enlightening to hear. An accountant turn letterpress proprietor, planned her own letterpress curriculum, bought a letterpress without even knowing how to use it yet, and hasn’t looked back since. She has made quite the name for herself, both locally and nationally. She has the most quaint studio in the hills of Salinas, and was kind enough to host Heather and I for refreshments and a tour of her work space. You can see some of her amazing work on her website, as well as some of her collections to buy.

Our time with Alissa was very encouraging to someone like me who still has so much to learn about paper, photography and design. Here’s a sneak peak at our new business cards she did for us.
It was so great hearing about her adventures and upcoming projects. Some of which my talented friend, Heather, will be collaborating with on. 

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