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My break up

It’s arrived and I’m so ready to break up with my phone. I talked a little about this on my New Year’s post, but it’s time. I’ve actually stayed 100% true to my promise to take a break from social media (and my phone really) until I read this book. I just started it last night and am already blown away. And a little scared at what I’ve been doing to my brain over the last some-odd years since first getting my iPhone. But since I’ve deleted my social apps, I’ve actually come a long way. I don’t even bring my phone out now when I’m home around the kids, or out to dinner with friends. When our families were here I didn’t even have it near me to take photos with (which I sort of regret now), and while I watched my family put their noses in their phones, I was able to just soak in the time. I’ve also noticed more things around me, like these beautiful yellow blooms around Santa Cruz right now. How have I not noticed these before?! So beautiful! I pulled over the other day and grabbed some for my home office. And now when I drive around all I see are these gorgeous balls of yellow all around us. And when the sun is coming up, as I drive the kiddos out every morning, against the blue sky and ocean line, these blooms are just so heavenly. How much more have I missed from being obsessed with my phone?! Well, I’ll be posting more on my 30-day plan, once I get to that portion of the book, but for now, I keep my phone close to me during the work day because I need it for work, but aside from that I’ve been soaking up all the little moments with my little boys and reading books! Hope you’re all having a love-filled month. I’ll try to post more but just wanted to share how excited I am to break up with my phone ha.

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