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The water challenge .. I accept!

IMG_7032You’d think drinking water would come easy for everyone, but for me, it’s hard. It’ll be noon before I realize I haven’t taken a sip of water. It’s also why I had the worst hemis during pregnancy (gross, sorry) and not the best supply of  breast milk back in the day. I just don’t drink enough water in the day, plain and simple.  Then, one night I was stalking all of my favorite girls on Instagram and saw on Julianne Hough’s Instagram that she took on the 21-day water challenge (it takes 21 days to create a habit), drinking two glasses of water every morning. WHICH is meant to hydrate and wake up your digestive track, preparing it for coffee, tea, breakfast and more (I heart the “more” stuff:))). I started just today and actually didn’t want to fall asleep at my desk for once!  Instead of crashing at 2:00pm I wanted to crash at 6:30pm, right before Pure Barre, ha, but then I pushed through and went to Barre, and was re-energized again. Now I’m excited to wake up and do it all over again. For 20 more days ..  And I’ve chosen two very special vintage drinking glasses to help me get through this = antiques handed down from my momma. Let’s see if this drinking water thing improves my skin, too. God knows my face could use some more moisture. Game on!

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